Saturday, June 4, 2011

Starlight Parade 2011

We waited just a little bit for the parade. The wagon was amazing. I am so glad to have one now!  Thank you Heather and Ryan! I would have loved to go to the Rose Parade but we were not going to be there for two weeks so the starlight parade had to do. Thank you Stacy and Grandma Fee for coming with us! It was a fun time!

The Four of us at the beginning and then the end of the parade.

The Firemen doing their jumping stunt. So fun to watch! Emmett and Alestair really liked it. Well Emmett did. Alestair wasn't too sure.

Emmett LOVED the parade. I mean he was extremely excited. I thought he would be tired and grumpy because it was so hot but no he was in love. As if you couldn't tell by these adorable pictures. I love the first one it just oozes his excitement!

Alestair loved it but not nearly as much as Emmett. He was a getting tired. He sure did snuggle with Grandma a bunch!

The Parade.

Battle Ground Village

Robert wasn't interested in shopping with my mom and Stacy and I so we left him and went to Battle Ground Village alone. They had their little Saturday market going and there was a girl who for her college money was giving kids rides in this barrel train. Her dad made it (same guy to does the one at the corn maze place). My mom got the boys a ride. Alestair held onto Emmett the whole time and Emmett hung his elbow out like a true little country boy.

After the ride we saw a man who had lots of animals that he rescues and has a petting zoo. He does pony parties and all sorts of things. Anyway my boys loved seeing all of his animals (llamas, rabbit, ferrett, goats, and a little dog). He has his farm just down the road from where my mom lives and told us to come by any time to visit the animals. I think we might just do that :).

Back to the good old days!

While Robert went shooting with the guys (and Maki and Heather) the boys and I spent the Saturday morning exactly how nearly every Saturday morning went when I was young: in the garden. It was hard for me to do any work since Alestair is so cute with "HIS Grwandma Fee" and "HIS Sacy". He is very possesive of them and I tried to tell them that they were also Lil Apollo's and Maddy's and Cami's and Ellie's but I was told that was impossible.
Alestair helped Gwandma plow the rows for the corn and other plants. He then helped plant the corn and other plants. Stacy must have been very good at telling him how thing worked because when we got home and went to plant our garden he told me how the seeds make the baby plants we were putting in. He was also a bit mistified since we didn't have a plow or a garden big enough to plow. Oh well its hard to have a wonderful yard like Gwandma Fee.

Seriously. How cute is this? I know too cute!
Alestair climbing the Apple tree.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Family pictures!

Heather had us all meet up at the Rose Garden in Portland. This is a most lovely place. It was too bad that the roses werent in bloom also too bad that Alestair had to keep picking leaves and things. I was a bit nervous we would be fined. Anyway to the left you will see what ended up on my wall. I liked the ones of the boys smiling but these ones complimented themselves best and i liked us in black and white but I have white walls and it would be washed out.

These are of Alestair. I loved that he was asking Heather to take his picture. He sat on the bush and told me to get her to take his picture. and then he climed the arch and called out for her. It was so cute!

And Emmett. Well he is just so cute right now not able to talk back and all. He loved Maki. I am sure her arms were sore after carrying him about.

And then there was the wagon. Alestair thought this was the most awesome thing that has ever happened. He has never had a big wagon nor do his friends so I suppose this would be a big thing. It continues to be a huge thing two months later (shh! Don't tell I was late putting this up). Both Emmett and Alestair really liked Maki and Lee pulling them around. Alestair really took a liking to Lee and was happy when Lee said anything to him; not that Alestair would let on or say anything back. He is so painfully shy and I don't know how to help with that since I was shy once too.
 The cousins soon started helping pull and taking turns riding. I really love the picture of Lee and Alestair in the bottom right corner of the second collage. They are both making silly faces at the camera.

In the end this is the best shoot of all of us. Pretty good for so many and so many kiddos. We were missing some though! Alestair is holding Aunt Kaye's dog who is a far better leash dog then Anabel so that pretty much made Alestair's day.

That night Robert and Alestair went to Heather's house to play games. I stayed with my mom and sister Stacy to relax and let Emmett sleep. Stacy and I went right back to giggling like little girls. Its always interesting to me how fast we can do that after not being together for so long. Good to know we are still the most awesome people in Winco!
We can't wait for another visit from Lee and Maki!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

End of The Day

After dinner at Neil's home; We spent the last bit of the evening with Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy. After they found out that the plan was for pictures the next day they decided the boys should have hair cuts. This was Emmett's 1st. He was completely unthrilled. Hence the funny faces of everyone trying to keep him still and happy. Grandma Fee did a great job! As she always does with first time boy hair cuts :) (she did Alestair's as well...I think we have a tradition).

Emmett does look far better trimmed up! Alestair soon snuck out of his bed to see his little brother. I caught him.
Alestair then got his turn in the seat. He took it a bit better but was not thrilled that there were no marshmallows to eat. He likes to have Grandma cut his hair better than he likes me cutting it.

Dinner at Neil and Dannelle's

After another day of hiking we took a small nap at Grandma Fee's house and joined the Butler side for dinner at the Neil Butler home.

The kids watched a movie for a little while. Emmett did his "Oh No!" face. Anabel got some major loves. Robert and I got to breathe. It was a good dinner.

Cave Hiking with Maki and Lee and other Butlers and Skogens

We went with all the Butler side to the Ape Caves to explore. The drive up was way longer than I ever remember it being growing up. I guess I must have slept most the way or something. It was made a billion times better since Maki rode in the van with me. The way into the cave was pretty good. Alestair didn't want to walk much but with his dad it was ok. We got to the end and I let Emmett down to stand. He was not happy about this and tried to get rescued by Aunt Heather who just made him try to walk and then he broke down. We then started back with the boys. They were crying and continued to cry all the way out. We got lots of sympathies from the other hikers we passed. As soon as we saw the light Emmett stopped crying and we were able to get to the car in peace.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vancouver Vacation Day 1

The boys, Anabel and I went with the Butler clan to Multnomah Falls. Robert stayed at Grandma Fee's house to cook a turkey for our "unThanksgiving Day Dinner". We had a really good time with everyone. Alestair walked with Lee most of the way. We only made it part way but we were tired!

Emmett really enjoyed getting attention from Aunt Maki. She got him the most awesome shirt with lots of trucks on it.

 We celebrated Emmett's first birthday after the UnThanksgiving dinner. Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy came to join us. It was so nice to have everyone (Grandpa Robbins, Aunt Kaye and boys, Lee and Maki, Skogens, Neil Butlers, and Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy) there. We didn't want to have anyone miss Emmett and his cake skills if we could help it! :) Aunt Kaye got Emmett some new bath tub cars-Mater, Luigi, and one other I don't know the name of. Emmett really loves them. they make really great in the car toys as well!
The Washington Robbins-Butler-Skogen-O'Brien Clan! With Lee and Maki :)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maki and Lee come!

 Uncle Lee and Aunt Maki came to Vancouver all the way from Japan! We were lucky enough to be able to go down to Vancouver to see them! They gave Alestair a new fishing game (which he loves to share with all his friends) and a new Jinbei. He is modeling his Jinbei in the pictures and Emmett has his old one that Lee and Maki gave him for his first birthday! They are the most awesome clothes! Cool and easy to wear my boys love them a lot. Emmett had a grand time playing with Maki while everyone else played fishing
with Uncle Lee. After a long late night we got to go to Grandma Fee's house to rest and talk for a bit before bed. Alestair was very impressed that she had a chair
 Just his size and Mickey Mouse cups. He ate a late night snack before bed.

Robert and Mindy

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