Friday, October 1, 2010

Giving Rides

Alestair loves to take friends on his trike. This is Maddy.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bed tent nap.

Burl came to play and after a long morning of tricycling around the boys laid down for some dinosaur train and a little bit of a nap in the bed tent.

While dad is gone things happen...

Alestair got a tricycle and Emmett got his first two teeth. Bottom front! they cut within 5 minutes of eachother. It was sad yet kinda funny. Robert was away on work for 3 days and it seemed like forever! We were glad when he came home.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First Trike!

Although Robert was out of town I tried to keep the boys and I busy. I found a tricycle (Retro Red Radio Flyer) online for 10 dollars and knowing Alestair would love it. It was a 45minute drive to pick it up but the joy was so worth it.
Alestair and Emmett were with me (obviously) so Alestair saw his surprise. This is how it went when we grabbed it.
Alestair: Is it mine?
Me: Maybe.
Alestair: Can I ride it?
M: No, not now.
A: (complete dissapointment) Is it Burl's? (One of his good friends)
M: You'll see.
We get home and I walk him around the car. He is so sad...not pouty just sad. It was an awful feeling.
M: I have a surprise for you Alestair. You have been such a good boy. (I open the van door) I got you a bike!
A: OH OH OH (and he hyperventilates)
M: Would you like to ride it?
I set it down and he rode it into the house with the biggest grin I have ever seen on my boy. We got to skype Robert and he was very very excited to show his dad. He then had me call Grandma Fee and Aunt Wendy.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Clothes from Lee and Maki!

Lee and Maki sent Emmett some very cute clothes and he now fits in them! I love how adorable they are. We got two onsies like this.

Robert and Mindy

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