Friday, December 17, 2010

We will miss you Uncle Dave!

Alestair loved playing with Uncle Dave and would wait at the window for him to come home. (As I am writing this 3 weeks later Alestair has just this past week figured out that Uncle Dave is not coming home from work. He is a little upset but not as much as Emmett who after finally being taken upstair sat down and whined that he could not find Dave.)
Emmett is a big Uncle Dave fan!
Dave left us. He has been here six months and got an amazing transfer to Massachusetts. Of course it will be far better that he can be with his family but we have loved having him here and will miss him a ton!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Monday, December 13, 2010

Emmett stands!

Emmett just started pulling up on things...after crawling for a month. He gets up but doesn't move his feet and ends up sliding out and doing the splits. I feel bad but it is really funny and I am sure won't last long. He isn't walking around furniture or anything just pulling up on things and getting stuck. He still can't figure out how to get down.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Robert!

We celebrated Robert's by having no cake and only one present to open. I made chocolate crinkle cookies instead of cake for Robert. They are his favorite and the closest thing to cake that he will eat. Alestair, Emmett, Anabel and I made a card. We all put our hand/paw tracing in it. Alestair picked out some Toy Story Lego to give to Robert. It was tons of fun! Dave held out the cake and lite this candles.

We are ready now.

It took a little longer this year but the house is offically decorated for Christmas! I got new stockings this year so they all match and I love them!

He really NEEDED to hold his brother

Alestair waited for me to finish feeding Emmett and then took him from me. He is not happy that I am taking pictures-he said that I would wake him up so "shh quite he sleep"He was right...

He is a keeper!

He said MOM!

Prunes look like poo.

They don't taste any better. Ask Emmett.

Robert and Mindy

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