Saturday, December 31, 2011

Payback...its messy.

I did this to my mother. About the same age as Emmett. I am now very sorry. Very Sorry. Emmett hopped into the tub about 10seconds after we got his clothes and diaper on. Cloth diaper...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Time to put Christmas away...Sad day!

Alestair was really upset and continued to be so for a few days. Emmett's screams are the same ones we heard on Christmas when he got his duplo.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aunt Wendy Sews!

 Wendy wanted to make some curtains. I just got a new machine. We put the two together. the curtains came out well and she did almost everything herself! So proud of her!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was on Sunday this year. We got up, got dressed for church, ate our special sticky buns breakfast, and opened stockings. Robert had this all planned to take us to 8:40 so we would get to church on time. We got up at 6 and all of this was done by 6:45am. So we took a drive. It was still dark outside and luckily everyone had their Christmas lights on. Did you know that Alestair can smell out Christmas lights? Well he can. He does. Its a gift. After our drive we came back home. It was just after 7am. So we opened gifts and had them all neatly ready to be played with when we returned. :) 

Opening presents. Emmett wouldn't hold
still for me to take any pictures. He was
also very much involved in moving around
and seeing everyone else's stuff and getting
into it all.

Alestair got a new Lorax book from Emmett. Alestair LOVES The Lorax. Emmett had torn his apart just a week before Christmas. I went all over trying to find a new one. Which NO ONE had except thankfully Barnes and Noble. They only had the giant one. I looked online too. They didn't have any options online and it was cheaper for me to buy in store. So After all of that Alestair is once again sleeping with his Lorax book. 
Robert got Tin Tin season 1...I am the best wife ever! The boys got spoiled rotten. Some favorites were new shoes for Alestair, new night light (Emmett loves it to death), new games, new jammies, and new planes with guys.
I got a candy machine from Robert and the boys filled it with candy. Pretty much really amazing!
Big Mater. Enough Said.
Alestair asked for just one thing from Santa. He wanted a Big Mater. He has had his eye on it since October. Santa hid it behind the tree and Alestair never questioned why he got it after opening each gift he received he would say thank you thank you thank you! After everything was opened he was a little sad about not having his Mater but told us it was ok because he got lots of other things. Then we moved the tree and Mater was behind it. He nearly died! It is just cardboard so we thought the boys would be able to sit in it but not much else. No. It is over four feet long and about three feet wide. We don't hold out hope on how long it will last but it has sure made Alestair happy. He shows it to everyone!
Emmett got Duplo...pretty much his favorite gift ever. That
and mittens from Grandma Fee.
Daddy won favorite present for Emmett. He got him a HUGE box of duplo. Emmett screamed for 30seconds straight before being able to breathe and look in the box at everything. He played with it for the next week.
He screamed for 30sec straight before being calm enough to
look at what it was.
It was a wonderful Christmas! We feel so blessed to have our families and to receive so much! Thank you everyone!

Robert and Mindy

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