Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Eggs

Alestiar got to color his own Easter eggs this year. He didnt do so much of the coloring as he did the glitter painting of them. It was extremely cute to watch him do this. He was very serious.
Robert had to run out for a minute so Alestair and I got the baskets ready for the Easter egg hunt and then waited. Alestair was very patient but could hardly wait for his dad to get back inside!
Finally! Alestair got to go out and hunt eggs. It was a bit annoying since it had been nice pretty much the whole day and then it decided to completely down pour the moment we opened the door to go hunting. We were all soaked! Alestair loved it and now checks the mailbox everytime we go outside.I know this looks like we just snapped a bunch of the sameish picture but really Alestair was counting his eggs. He wouldnt let us put them in the fridge. Robert and I snuck them away by distracting him with peanut butter M& was difficult and took about 10minutes because if he noticed you taking one you had to start over.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

That is right it is my birthday! Once again I am a year older and though I don't feel it in my body I hear it in my mind. I know much scarier...I feel like I am starting to have "old people" clothes and music. It is so weird/scary...and I don't even consider myself old yet. Although I remember once when Stacy and I were like 8 and 5 we discussed this getting old idea. I said something like when you're 35 you're old and Stacy disagreed with no when you're like 21 you're old (which by the way stacy that means you're old too :)) but we came to agreement at our very young age that you're old when you have babies and are past 25. Now I don't believe this anymore since I am not married to an old fart and I am not old. So there... Now for more than just my another year older rant. This morning I was expecting something nasty to happen since I am married to someone who loves to prank and today, my birthday, is the day for that. He knows that doing this would be bad I am not sure what will happen. Anyway... I woke this morning at 6 am a good two and half hours after Robert had left to work. I woke not because Alestair was in his bed calling for his dad or saying that something was in his bed or coughing or anything to do with Alestair really. I woke up because I heard construction men on my baby I assumed they were in the house or Robert was playing a very nasty (yet very thought out and smart) joke on me. So after checking on snoring Alestair and seeing no one in his room or the rest of the house. I went back to my room and picked up my cell phone to call Robert and ask him how he did it without the monitor being moved. He kinda panicked and said he didn't do it and then told me to make sure no one was in the house. So I mostly believed him. Either way I listened to an hour and a half of construction workers giving instructions on how to get to a site and do some sort of job off of I-5 and to the left....I am so glad I don't have a monitor that lets you talk to the baby right now...or maybe I could have scared them to death too by talking to them...but either way I feel I have gotten my joke played on me for my birthday and I would prefer not to have anymore. Thank you!

Robert and Mindy

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