Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day!

He had to use the restroom. One of Alestair's
favorite parts. 
Emmett loved the foot/hand prints from the washing hands.

He made quite the trail.

Booby traps!

All the goodies he left us!

The exit

The leprechaun came to visit :) Alestair was more than excited and tries to trap him at least once a day. He woke up and said that the leprechaun booby trapped our kitchen. It was awesome and I think we will be doing this every year.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New quilt for new baby!front

Following the directions from I finished my most favorite quilt/blanket I have ever made. No where near perfect. The lines are not straight or even. The edging I tried something new and it really didn't come out like I wanted. In the end it still looks really awesome and is soft and will be cooler than what Emmett and Alestair are addicted to. 
Back of the quilt

It took FOREVER. As in 20 or more hours of INTENSE work. What you do is stack 4 flannels (just the back has to be flannel really the front can be anything). After stacking you sew a very straight line diagonally from one corner of the stack to the other. I chalked mine and then sewed it. Then you sew straight lines 1/2inch from the first line all down the entire stack. Then after hours and hours of sewing these straight lines for forever you put it face down. Now you cut between the lines for forever and ever until you think you hand is breaking and you have a really great bruise between your thumb and your fingers. Now you can even it all up into a nice rectangle and put your edging on. Then you throw it in the washer and dryer a few times to fluff the back.
I was testing the size on Emmett and Alestair insisted that he
hold his "baby Ennett" 

Blanket looks awesome! And Emmett loves it. If I find a
special cutter for the back I will make another for him.

Robert and Mindy

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