Friday, August 21, 2009

San Juans, Halloween, and Aunt Misty

Misty came to visit us for a weekend. It was full of fun! First: Misty, Alestair and I went to the San Juan Islands...well just Orcas Island. The above pictures are from the ferry ride. Alestair was very excited to walk on the decks outside. A lot of the other people on the ferry thought he was just cute which is of course the truth.

Misty and I found a really cool pottery place where you can make your own pottery. We didn't have enough time for very much but we did get to make a had print for Alestair which they are going to send to me in a month when its finished. Above are pictures of the fun things they had to occupy little hands. A John Deer Tractor...Alestair did not want to leave this. and a very cute play house.

I bought Alestair costume for Halloween recently and when I showed to Aunt Misty, Alestair decided it was time to try it on. He really likes being a penguin!

Of course we have to have our random picture of Aunt Misty doing something strange...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flip it what you wish

They are adorable and loved!
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Too Hot!

We for some reason decided it was a good day to visit Vancouver and the family on the hottest day ever when no one there has Robert had a water fight with Kim and Hadley.
When Alestair and I left Grandma Fee's we decided that while waiting for dinner we would cool off some and went swimming with the girls but we forgot swim suits. We also forgot that the diaper he had on was his last one so Robert and Uncle Dave had to go for a diaper run.
In the mean time Aunt Katie let us borrow a "Bon Appite" dish towl for a cloth diaper.
Just to be on the safe side we put the most boyish panties we could find to hold it on. (yes that is trimmed in blue lace) It was a very fun day!
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Monday, August 17, 2009

To the Park!

Aunt "Acy" and Grandma Fee wanted to go for a walk one evening while we visited, So we tagged along and ended up at a park. On our way to Grandma Fee's house Alestair was melting down in the car. It was at this point I decided maybe he was getting old enough to understand what I am talking about so I told him "Alestair you need to be quiet so we can get to Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy's house". He clammed up right away and as we pulled up next to Grandma's driveway he screamed "Acy!!!" which was very close to Stacy. It was completely adorable.
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Alestair has been trying extremely hard to put on his shoes (or anyones really). As you can see the shoe should stay immoible while the foot goes to it. If that doesnt work...

Hide the shoe.

I have been finding many many things hidden in our home. They are everywhere. He usually puts his favorite toys in his dresser after removing all of his clothes to the floor.

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Robert and Mindy

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