Friday, October 15, 2010

Picking Pumkins!

Our friends Tina and Maddy let us tag along to pick some pumpkins! This farm was huge! We walked everywhere and Alestair could not decide on a pumpkin. He found a lot that he liked but Robert had to make the final decision. Emmett was awake for the first part of the pumpkin picking and then slept nice and sound in the Ergo...have I mentioned I love that thing?
Alestair was tried of walking by the end of it and rode on Robert's shoulders. They are apparently so comfortable Alestair decided to not hold on and really relaxed.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Levenworth, WA

Once again Robert had to go out of town on business. Dave was away with his family and I was lonely. So thinking Levenworth couldn't be too horribly far away I packed up my boys and took them out on their first trip to Levenworth. Alestair loved it! Emmett had a good time as well. We went into a little coffee shop that as it was morning had no one in it. The owner gave Alestair a green chocolate frog and a squeaky frog and let me nurse Emmett too. She was very nice and was so excited to see someone with two little boys the same ages as her boys were years ago. It was a wonderful trip though I did have an episode with so many memories of my dad.

Robert and Mindy

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