Monday, September 21, 2009

1st Airplane!

Our dear friend Bill Linquist asked us to come when he went through the temple before we moved up here. We promised and the day came so we made a trip to LA! We were lucky enough to find very good fairs on Virgin Air and went by plane. Alestair LOVED the airport and watching all of the planes come and go while waiting for ours. The Seattle airport is very very nice especially at 6 in the morning. Alestair fell asleep as soon as the landing came off the runway and didn't wake up until we just before we landed. Absoultly no crying and perfect behavior. Nothing like we expected. He did this on the ride home as well. Virgin Air is a very fun plane-they have a TV screen for each person you can watch movies, tv, or your flight. You can order food from your seat and you are sitting in leather seats very cushy. We were very pleased!

This is what we got to sit next to wait for our plane. It is a mosaic but doesn't look like it. It was amazing. So I took a picture. I really wanted to just chop it down and take it home with me but that wouldn't work. Anyway now you all know what to get me for Christmas:)

Robert and Mindy

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