Thursday, January 7, 2010

A very unsightly picture of Emmett as a pumpkin

Yes that is right we painted him...or his bump on me.
We thought Alestair would have a good time with this but he really did not like having paint on him at all. Robert ended up doing all the painting with Alestair looking very upset that "baby" was getting painted. I know this picture makes my belly look huge but realize that Robert took the picture and it is a bit distorted.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Update on Baby 2

We have decided on a name and I am not allowing changes since it stresses me and makes me feel unprepared. These are unacceptable feeling for me. His name is Emmett Baird Butler. Unless he turns out to be a girl in which case her name will be Fay something but pretty sure he is a boys flash. I had a check up today and everything is going well. Contruary to how gigantic I feel I am gaining perfectly and Emmett seems to be as well. He likes to show off and do flips everytime they listen to his heart. I was also told that this is my second to last 4 weeks apart appointment. After the glucose testing at the next appointment I will not only have to not give my blood to them but also go to having appointments 2 weeks apart. I am a bit nervous, but will be much happier when I get to hold Emmett out rather than in. He moves more than Alestair did and it doesn't always feel so nice. We also got Emmett a bassinett that I have cleaned up and it looks really cute. I made some space in our room for him and it looks cute as well.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Library Card

Alestair got his first library card today! They let him pick the picture on the card and sign his paper (they don't need to you to sign the card since its a computer system now). They also took his picture and gave him a little book bag that matches his book worm card. He was very excited.
It doesn't look like he is happy here but I caught him trying to sneak into my room. This is the first book he checked out from the library. Its is a board book that has little animation pictures on every page.

Robert and Mindy

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