Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cloth Diapers

*warning* poo and pee are said a few times :) skip writing and look at pictures if you mind it. Emmett loves cloth diapers. His bum is a little sensitive so the cloth is very gentle and he likes how soft it is.
I am sure I have said before that Emmett has an amazing power to explode out of any disposable diaper. Granted Huggies Little Movers worked the absoulte best but I just couldn't handle spending that much on diapers and for some reason the stores her sell them in small packages not the big boxes...very annoying and hard to stock up on. Anyway... Since I have been washing poopy/peed upon clothes after poopy/peed upon clothes I decided why not save some clothes and money and use cloth. Thus here we are. I really don't like the thirsties wrap (the one he is wearing in the picture) but I like the design on it. It leaked for me and I have found the gDiapers and GroVia diapers are really easy to use and work really well. You can put in and pull out liners as they get wet but really dont need to change the whole diaper unless its poopy which happens far less often than pee. This makes it much easier on Emmett and I haven't had to buy nearly as many diapers!
Alestair HATES cloth diapers so we are using them to try and get him to potty train.

Robert and Mindy

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