Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cookie Party/Robert's Birthday

Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy came up as a surprise after leading both Aunt Wendy and I to think they wouldn't be coming until Janurary. They arrived at 2am and scared Robert to death when they called his phone to have us open the door. This happened to be Robert's birthday and the day that Wendy and I were going to make cookies all day. It worked out well. After Alestair got Grandma and Aunt Stacy up we went to Home Depot to get moulding for the window that Robert was going to replace*. We then went to breakfast for Robert's birthday. Alestair threw a huge tantrum there in the IHOP. Very embarrasing. We then returned to set Robert to work (and Alestair to sleep) and Grandma, Stacy and I went to Freddy's to get odds and ends. We returned to a finished window and our efforts weren't quite as needed. Soon Aunt Wendy and Nic came with their new dog Bridget. She is soo cute and very good. She really showed Anabel how to act not that she did anything different.
This is Bridget.
Below: I call this the "Look Like Mom Moment." We all look alike here..weird.
We then began our prep for the cookie making. Since Grandma didn't have everthing quite ready she mixed her Mexican Wedding Cakes up and we pulled the pre-refigerated cookies that Aunt Wendy and I made (Ginger snaps and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies).

Aunt Wendy and Aunt Stacy began rolling the cookies and got a bit "cookie rolling drunk".

Stacy is a true beauty. Picture comentary for below: They are too stuck need to spatulas...very about I just eat the crumbs they aren't going to go home with anyone...again very serious business...not sure if she should cry or laugh. There are only two whole cookies.Aunt Wendy always makes the peppermint candy cane cookies...We acidently froze the dough and then forgot to spray the pans so they came out a bit different than planned. Still good! Thoughout the day we did take breaks. We had homemade burritos for lunch (fresh made tortillas by yours truly). Robert made some amazing meatballs as for dinner (shortcut buy Ikea meatballs). Grandma also got to open up her Christmas presents early--Picture blocks! Alestair liked having her tell him who was in the pictures. It was a fun day! A complete blast! Thank you Grandma Fee, Aunt Stacy, Aunt Wendy, Nic and Robert!

*Story with the window. About 2 hours after Robert left for an OSHA training (2days) trip; I took Anabel outside to her leash and left the door open as usual since Alestair likes to go with me. I came back to the door started pushing it open since it was closed (I thought it wasn't latched) Alestair shut it the rest of the way and as I was about to turn the knob he locked the door on me. So I had to kick the plexiglass window in. Thus Robert needed to replace it.
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Friday, December 11, 2009

A boy and His Dog

Alestair loves ice and pretending to drink soda. He does NOT like soda nor do we give it to him much. He has tried sprite (its all this place had to drink seriously) and has sipped root beer which he likes but after sprite tasting he will not actually take a drink from a soda cup. He does steal soda cups because they have ice in them and he loves the ice. Anabel loves ice too. So they walk around like this with a cup of ice. Its really cute.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Just because he is soo cute.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Stitches out!

Alestair went in for his well check of 15 and 18 months. We were unable to go in at 15 months due to moving and then couldnt get him in with the doctor we wanted for 16 months so they combined the two. He is a complete boy. His biggest complaint was that the doctor would not let him take the stitches out by himself. He has a really nice scar. He got 4 shots and didn't cry until the last one and then only until the nurse walked out of the room at which point he decided that we just needed to go. He is 31.5inches tall and 22.9lbs. His head is still huge in the 99th percentile. We actually thought it was going to drop into the 90th since it was finally in the 93rd but it grew again. He must have some great brains! His weight and height are still in the lower 20th percentile but the doctors say that they like his porotions so its all good. He is very healthy and impressed the doctor by talking in sentences. :)
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Robert and Mindy

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