Saturday, July 19, 2008

Grandma Fee Visits 08

At long last Grandma Fee got to hold her first grandson. She was a great help getting up in the morning and burping and changing Alestair who really broke her in with explosions in the past few days. He loved being held and cuddled with all the time and Grandma didn't mind either. Almost as soon as we got Grandma from the airport and got home we went on an outing...FARMER'S MARKET!! Mindy and Grandma went a little crazy buying a ton of corn, and more than a crazy person's amount of strawberries and then walking through the mall and finding all sorts of things. Perhaps Mindy shouldn't be let out into a shopping area after two weeks at home. They ended up with a large flat of strawberries, some peaches, two big bunches of carrots, an articoke and 12 ears of corn. Needless to say Grandma and Mindy made strawberry jam for the past two nights and still have strawberries left over. Mindy and Robert will be eating veggies for a while...long while. Grandma got to take a few naps with Alestair. Yes those are football jammies that Mindy bought for Robert's benefit...they are soo darn cute-no bias of course. Grandma was able to get Alestair asleep very easily but he much preferred being on his belly which makes for cute pictures :) TOO soon it was time to say good bye...We love you Grandma Fee!

On the go 08

Friday, July 18, 2008

First Pictures 08

Since we had Grandma Fee's help, we took Alestair in to get his first real pictures taken. Grandma brought the suit the Uncle Eric was blessed in and she made with her fine skills! Alestair fit into it perfectly and looked darn cute (as you can see). We got a funny/strange lady taking the pictures she kept trying to wake him up by rolling her tounge and talking to him in spanish...very strange. Anyway he would not wake up and I will share more pictures when we get them on the first. We were also able to get family pictures taken at the same time. It was very interesting and we got a fair few cute pictures!

Alestair's First Real Bath 08

As I was a bit nervous to give Alestair his first bath in a tub and his cord hadn't fallen off, we waited for Grandma Fee to come and have some wet fun! His cord was very stubborn so we finally decided to go with what Darcy's dr. had said: give a bath and just use alcohol to clean the cord and dry it well afterward. This did not need to be done as I was taking pictures of Alestair in his first bath I noticed his cord was missing. Neither Grandma or I knew where it had fallen. We were really hoping that it wasnt on one of us and had somehow ended up in his diaper. After finishing the bath we found it on the floor next to the tub so lucky Alestair lost it just as he was getting into his first Bath.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Late Nights 08

For some reason Alestair seems to get a little worried in the early mornings...maybe he thinks he wont get fed either way this is how I find him...either praying or holding his pacifer in his mouth just in case he forgets how to keep it in.

Robert and Mindy

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