Friday, April 20, 2012

Until we meet again Grandma Robbins

Grandpa singing "When the Saints go Marching In" after the program.

Song that Grandma loved.

At the cemetery for the burial. 

Dannelle and Andrew, Grandpa Robbins, Mindy and Emmett

Robert and Grandpa Robbins

Waiting before things got started. 
Robert, Grandpa Robbins, Neil

Emmett was surprisingly aware of Grandpa's sadness
 and wanted to share his monkey.

It was a rainy day. Alestair held the umbrella
by himself for the first time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grandma Fee's package

Alestair danced in the background.

So cute! Yay for new shirts!

"Big Brother's Wingman" Yep that is exactly what he is!
Emmett's birthday package came today. Thank you Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flagging Jacket

It looks good right?      Its too big?

How could you not love this little face?
And the fact that two days ago he wore the same
shirt...must love Thomas!
Robert has a flagging jacket. You know the offical only wash 25 times jacket? I tried it on Emmett.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Emmett!

He wasn't too into the blowing out the beautiful beeswax candles.
He did however LOVE his cake. He got a new match and build
duplo set and a phonics fridge magnet set. We got to share the
special day with the Ek family and the Duce family. 
Emmett is so fun! We love his crazy laugh. He is always happy when he wakes up. Even if it was only 10min in the car and he could really sleep longer. When he is upset he sounds like a firetruck siren in the living room...this is not a normal though. He loves trains and planes. If he hears a plane everything must stop so he can go and look at it. He can't handle life without shoes and a 7pm bed time. He is extremely attached to a fuzzy dinosaur blanket. He calls it a saur banket. If you ask him what his name is he says "NAME!" He loves to give hugs and always says "No thanks" if asked something he doesn't want or doesn't want to do. He loves to build and is always on the move.

I sure hope he stays so much fun to have around and so sweet. Always there with a hug and pat on your back. (Yes he does get a major attitude as well)

Robert and Mindy

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