Thursday, October 22, 2009


Alestair loves the camera and poses for it. I was trying to get a picture of his messy hair but he was cheesing for the camera :)
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

All the Kiddos!

Emerson, Norah, Josie

Alestair, Emry, James

Waiting to go in-Playing on the pumpkin pile!

Alestair and I found the Corn Pit! It was a lot like the wheat tent from Easter but this was much bigger and all corn. It was very hard to walk in it but tons of fun! The Straw Pyramid! No Robert didn't get stuck but it sure looks like that...

Alestair loved it after he decided it was ok to touch the straw with his hands Alestair had no fear getting from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. He jumped and I could hardly keep a hold on him. There were a few times that I thought he was just going to fall all the way down. There was a petting zoo. Alestair LOVED the animals. It was the first time that he liked the bunnies. His favs were the pigs and calves. Aunt Heather let us feed some of the animals with the food she bought for them. Alestair really thought that was neat. THANK YOU!
Picking our pumpkins!
Family cheeso picture
Posted by PicasaThank you Heather for taking pictures!!!

Robert and Mindy

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