Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preschool Halloween Party

Pin the nose on the Jack O Lantern.
Maddy, Emmett, Charlotte

Maddy, Alestair, Emmett, Charlotte
The very best picture we could get of them and Emmett is the
only one looking...sigh.

 Writing Pads. I was super awesome and matched the girls without knowing it :)

 Oobleck. We read the story as well :) Alestair liked it but the girls weren't fond of Dr. Suess. Charlotte wouldn't touch it for the longest time. Maddy decided to grab the dye and turned her hands blue..I felt bad but it was her choice so something had to happen and it at least wasn't her dress!

We made eyeballs with chocolate chips and marshmallows. We also bobbed for apples but with all of the water happening I didn't get pictures :(

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camping Day 3

 Alestair tried really hard to stay with Anabel all the time. She was a little unsure about this.

Instead of going to the park we hiked today and the boys explored while we packed up. Alestair was very careful to be sure that Emmett was ok.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Camping Day 2

 We visited the playground a lot. Emmett and Alestair really loved it. Its the only playground I have seen that is just as much for an adult as a kid. Super fun! We didn't get a fishing license thinking crabbing was over but we found out that it had just opened up...we were not willing to drive home to get the gear though.
The boys splashed in puddles it rained only during the night once.

FOUR person teeter totter!

 Emmett really loved the teeter totter! Alestair just liked to make Emmett squeal. Alestair liked to climb the tower and walk on the beach.

Yes adults can fit on it too! SO fun!

It was really pretty there! We were happy. If it was warmer I would have stayed forever :)

Alestair wasn't fond of the Eagle Boat he liked the tower
behind he though it had guns and could kill zombies :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Camping Trip Day 1

We decided that camping after everyone was in school would be smart. It was we had the whole campground to ourselves but it was COLD! We brought heaters though :) Alestair got his first big boy lego for his keep busy project. He choose Mater. Emmett got duplo.

 The boys loved being outside almost all the time. They were much better at eating too. Emmett really loved our kitchen which was made by my Grandpa. It was really nice to have a place for all that stuff!

 Anabel really loved being outside with everyone too. She did try to fight with a few racoons who would not leave us alone!

Robert and Mindy

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