Saturday, April 24, 2010

Brock's Birthday Party

Alestair was invited to Brock's birthday party. It was a blast! With so much to do and so many little children it was a ton of fun! Brock's dad brought out a bubble machine and walked around the room with it. The kids was like the Pied Piper with a mob of children rather than rats. They had a bounce house too (something I have only seen in LA). This was one of the biggest hits just a ton of fun really! Thanks for inviting us!

Emmett Baird

The Crate

We got Anabel a new crate since Alestair was just attacking her and she needed to have a place of her own when we went to the grocery store so she would stop making messes...Yes it has completely solved all problems! However it has brought up a new issue. Alestair now thinks this crate is for him and that its a new hide out. He frequently kicks Belle out of the crate so he can have it.

Alestair wrestles Grandma Fee

Alestair has been so giggly lately that Grandma and Stacy just couldn't pass up. Alestair was gotten by Grandma. He was wrestled down and just could not stop laughing. I wish pictures recorded sound without being a video.

Emmett's first bath!

As with Alestair Emmett decided that since Grandma was coming to see him he should hurry up and lose his umbilical cord. Thus Grandma was able to give him his first bath as well! Its a nice tradition I suppose. Unlike Alestair; Emmett loved his bath. He pretty much slept through the whole thing until we took him out and got him dressed.

Grandma and Stacy bring presents

Grandma and Stacy broght some gifts for the boys this visit!
Alestair and Emmett got new Addias shoes! SOO cute! Emmett also got something super special! Aunt Stacy made her first quilt for him and its John Deere! Yes it is already a fav Emmett seems to sleep much better when covered by it :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Visit from Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy

Emmett got to meet Aunt Stacy and Grandma Fee for the first time. They got to stay until Sunday. We had an awesome time. I think Alestair was most excited. He ate Stacy's food at almost every meal and pretty much just loved having them here to play with. He even looked for his Tacy after they left. Emmett liked the visit as well though probably won't remember it as much.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Daddy and Emmett

I know I have said this alot but I LOVE watching Robert with our boys. It makes me so happy. I can't explain it. On top of the cute here I like the size difference. It has always made me giggle when I saw a dad holding his baby and the baby is completely covered by the dads hand. This is what happens with Robert and our little boys. His hand spreads accross their entire back its crazy!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Alestair takes pictures

It has been very hard to get pictures of Emmett like I did with Alestair because Alestair has a technology love almost like his love of shoes. You pull out the camera (kinda sneaky) and I swear he can feel it cause he is there in like a second to take the camera away. This is very hard since he still is not nice to technology and can break it so I take pictures during his nap or with his help these were with his help.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Alestair has taken fairly well to Emmett. He has about 10minutes a day where he really wants to hold him. Its pretty cute. He usually sighs like he is exhasted when he is ready to have Emmett go back to Mom and Dad. Usually he wants to hold him while he is having some "quiet" time or while watching a show. As you can see these were taken while watching something so Alestair has a slightly "duh" look.

Robert and Mindy

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