Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Rocking Horse

At Grandma Fee's home there is a rocking horse. Alestair got to ride it for the first time Thanksgiving morning before his nap. He sings when he rides it. It is really funny. I tried to sing with him once and he got off the horse and put his hand on my mouth and said "shh".
It was also this day at breakfast when Grandma Fee saw how long Alestair's hair was and that he not only had wings over his ears but a very long duck tail on his neck. Grandma Fee gave him a hair cut and in the fun of it all I for got to take pictures so you get to see the hair cut off in a bag. There is actually quite a bit of it but it didnt all bunch up. She cut about two inches off and Alestair looks much better! Thank you Grandma Fee!
We then travelled over to the Neil Butler home for a Butler Thanksgiving! We got to talk to Uncle Lee and Aunt Maki and got a present from them and Aunt Misty a new web cam! It was exciting we can soon skype Lee and Maki at our home!

Monday, November 23, 2009


For those of you that are curious this is how the stitches looked 24hrs later (we had to leave the bandage and compression on for 24 hrs). They told us to not let Alestair move his knee for 24hrs which was insane to say the least. Alestair now will tell you about his owie but screaming and then pointing at his knee and saying "My owies" with a scrunched face.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

BIG owies!

Around 5 on Sunday the 22nd Alestair somehow managed to cut his knee. He had gone to his room to get a toy and bring it to Dad who was waiting just outside his door. Alestair started screaming and Dad picked him up thinking he bumped his head or something since he didn't see any other issues. Then Dad saw blood on his shirt and Mom had to run and rescue both boys (Dad does not do blood). Since the cut was deep we decided it needed stitches. In the mist of being told how horrible it was by a crying son and screaming to hurry husband; I was smart to give Alestair some pain killers and get ice. I then called a new friend from our new ward and got directions to the hospital since all walk in clinics close at 3 on a Sunday.
The hospital was very quick and very clean and very empty. It was very unusual. Alestair didn't seem to mind the little pain he had and tried to continue to run around the waiting area. After the doctor came to see us the nurse put some numbing syrup on Alestair's cut after cleaning it (Alestair had no problems with this just wanted to watch it happen...pure boy). Up to this point he really hadn't cried; however the syrup stings for a few minutes and it made him scream. once the numbing happened Alestair decided he was fixed and tried to leap off the bed. The doctor came back and thought that since Alestair had been so good he could do the stitches without a nurse. He tried to do one and found that a nurse was needed. He then finished the other two and redid the first for a total of 3 stitches in Alestair's knee. During this process Alestair was not really crying but screaming because he wanted the needle and he could feel the pressure of the stitching.
The nurse and doctor gave Alestair a teddy bear and Alestair carried it with him all over the next two days. The cut was 1.5cm and very very straight. We still cannot figure out what he did it on since all of his toys and furniture are either too soft or would be jagged cut thus we are still at a loss.

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