Saturday, July 12, 2008

Naked Baby 08

Alestair has gained a belly and another chin. He has also started smiling.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What happens when mom is away... 08

Baby gets hungry and dad tries to cope....Alestair is very concerned.

Mommy Moments 08

This is how Robert found us today when he took break. We were a bit tired.

Daddy and Son Time 08

Robert is very happy to finally be able to hold his son and to see his face. It has been a long wait! Pretty much Robert's pose for the second day of Alestair's life..he must have been stressed out or something. He slept through nurses and doctors coming in every hour.
Alestair has some blood sugar issues so we had to give some formula to get the numbers up. They told us that we would have to do this at every feeding until the numbers were correct or Alestair would not be able to come home with us. As this gave Robert and I a little bit of a heartattack Robert and a friend of ours blessed Alestair and this was the only time we had to give him a bottle (glad I had Robert feed him that time). The doctors were amazed and said they had never had a baby go from a 31 blood sugar to 153. Robert went to church on July 6th (Sunday after we came home). This is one of my favorite pictures of them. Alestair really loves his dad. When I can't calm him down Robert just has to say one word and Alestair will stop and wait for more.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Look Alike Game 08

For everyone's enjoyment I have pulled both baby pics for Robert and I. You can then decide who looks like who.
Robert Mindy Alestair

Visit to Dad at Work 08

Alestair and I thought that Robert was getting a little lonely at work his first day back since he was working all alone. Soo...we got all dressed up and went to visit him.

Robert and Mindy

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