Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Game

As mentioned we went to Utah for the Beavers game. Here are the pictures that I have since Misty has the rest which were taken on her "professional camera" She almost didnt make it through the gate since her camera was "too professional". This is when a Mistyfit saved us. They finally let her in and even let me take the yummy cookies Kristy gave us.
Side note: Robert has really blue eyes...
Side note: Alestair did fine after he was able to finish his nap. He actually enjoyed the last half of the game. It was amusing to see/hear Robert and Misty trying to not scream at the game when the Beavers were being dumb and Alestair was sleeping.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Yes we were able to continue with our vacation plans and get to Utah for the Utah State-Beavers game.

We got to see my Uncle Dave for the first time in over a year. Misty met up with us (we apparently took her key and she had no way of getting into her appartment..oops) and we all at at the Lion House. It was a great time and hopefully we will get to see Uncle Dave again soon!

After eating at the Lion House..Robert, Misty, Alestair and I decided to carve Misty a pumkin. Her appartment was a bit sparce in the Halloween way and that just would not do. Alestair had a lot of fun with carving his first pumkin. He really liked the goo although Robert and Misty did not...weird I know. I ended up finishing the pumkin since Robert and Misty apparent have no pumkin carving skills.

Misty must like her green Nikes cause we have a lot of pictures of them.

We also got to see Aunt Kristy! Which was a ton of fun and we ended up staying with her for 5 hours in just the Joesph Smith Memorial Building...mostly eating. For future reference the pumkin spice soup at the Garden Resturant is NOT good...its sweet and just not good. We ended up with only one picture of Aunt Kristy. She held Alestair pretty much the whole time and he thought she was very funny while changing his diapers. Kristy also was nice enough to let us borrow her bumbo seat until she has her little person in Janurary.

It was pretty amusing when we were eating breakfast-Kristy was holding Alestair and he would look at Robert or me or the ceiling pretty much anywhere but at Kristy. Even funnier was he did this to Misty as well and even laughed while she tried to talk to him but looked at me.

Robert and Mindy

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