Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Valentines photos

My friend Candace was sweet enough to come and take some ADORABLE pictures of my boys one day. They turned out so so cute! I am very excited to get some printed and hopefully send out for valentines...(don't get your hopes up my timing is like two weeks later than most of you regular people ;) but I am going to try!)

Alestair's Gal Pals

Kristie and Emmett
Maddy...So cute! There are not too many girls Alestair's age around here. There are a few and Alestair loves them. Maddy gets to come over quite a bit since I watch her when her mom works. There is a HUGE difference in girls and boys and it starts way young. Maddy can be content coloring or puzzleing for forever. Alestair will get bored in 10 minutes and find something to make noise with. Kristie comes over for letter days and whenever Candace and I have some fun stuff to do together. Alestair loves to play with her though she is much more gentle than he is :). Emmett really loves Kristie which is good since she loves him as well. She calls him "Babay Eemmit" it just kills me! Its fun to have some girls around!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Emmett's Walker with video! We are so good!

Emmett's first attempts at walking with something nonstaionary! We all cheered him on even a few friends who came by!

Robert and Mindy

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