Saturday, July 4, 2009

Evil Skevers!!! (ebel for those who don't know Mindyspeak)

Robert got this pan in Klamath Falls, OR about 2 yrs ago after finding out at the Wetzel family reunion how much of a tradition it was for us. We have not made them until the week that Kodiak was here. I now make them with peach puree and banana and pretty much any fruit mixed in. This decreases the syrup sticky mess by pretty much 100%. Which is good for me so that I don't have to give Alestair a bath everytime we have them and he can feed them to himself. They are the perfect size for his little hands.
PS: Obviously it was first thing in the morning so no making fun of our horrible looks.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Uncle Kodiak visits

Kodiak came to visit us for a week. We had a great time. The first night we found out that he had never seen "Band of Brothers" so we got him hooked and at 11pm we went to bed. Well He kept watching sooo he looked like this the next day: Alestair tried very hard to play with him. He handed him toys and piled them on top of him but Kodiak was very tired. So then we found out that he had never watched the office. Lucky for him Robert and I have a movie store likeness in our shelves of movies and had the first 4 seasons of the office. Soo he watched that for the rest of the week between us going to Pike Place and UW (I am totally all for you going there...geez the library alone!) and Cabelas and the park and all sorts of things. It was a good time. Minus the part where he got sick but still very fun to have him visit!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Alestair turns 1!!!

We can't believe our little baby boy is now one and not so little anymore. He has grown so much and learned so much. He talks, walks, laughs, eats anything that we eat. Its just crazy. We love it!
Since July 1st landed on Wednesday this year my sister Wendy came down from Seattle to celebrate with us. Once again this birthday party was a huge success!

Opening Presents

The cake:

A Big Hit...he was very dainty about his cake eating. We took one slice out and gave him the rest he only took little mouse bites and hide his hand after each one. It could have been that he had a bunch of adults staring with huge smiles waiting for him to eat the cake. who knows.

Alestair's aftermath

The cake aftermath...he must have eaten about as much as us.

Alestair also got to taste some Root BeerAnd then it was bath time...notice there is food in his nose. He always gets food in his nose.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Feeding Mommy

Robert and Mindy

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