Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our neighbor's second tree fell down.

Just over a year from the first one falling down straight across the cul-de-sac. This one fell sideways into our yard. Missing our house by 7ft and a tree. The landlord next door tried to tell us it was going to take 3weeks to clean it up. Our landlord didn't like that and talked with the school (building across the street) and they got the city to call out and tell the next door landlord he had three days to clean it up. When I took these pictures. It had sat for 2 days and dropped 6ft. People were walking under it not noticing it was there. They thought it was just a large bush. I am so glad no one got hurt. 

Roots over 6ft.


see looks like a bush. This is from the roots to not even
showing the top of the tree.

again really bush like due to poor lighting. I didn't want the
boys out there. You never can tell with boys. Anyway this is the
full tree. from half of my front yard to the stairs of my neighbor's

Robert and Mindy

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