Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cirque De Soleil--Kooza

Robert's district at work helped to set up the circus tents for Cirque De Soleil this past Memorial Day weekend. Robert had planned on taking me for my Mother's Day gift however, Cirque decided to invite Robert and his co-workers to the VIP showing with their wives. So we went (duh was there a question there?). It was AMAZING. They gave us free popcorn and soda in plastic cups we saved as gifts for the boys and for my Mother's Day gift Robert and the boys got me a shirt. I have been to a Cirque show before but this one was WAY more fun! Kooza was about a dream world and well it was just awsome! They had clowns before the show that were doing tricks and generally entertaining us while we waited. One of them came over to where we were sitting and said that he had the ticket for my seat. He then uncrossed my legs and sat down telling me that it was a really great seat and he could see why they sold it twice. He shared his popcorn and after a wee bit he stood up and sat in the seat next to me and told me that I had boney knees and I needed to work on that. It was so funny! They had so many wonderful and funny things to watch I can't even explain it all but I suggest that every one go if you can!
We are extrememly grateful for Alex and Amber who watched the boys for us! We couldn't have gone with out you!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Emmett and Mom

Emmett doesn't always want to have his binky in his mouth but he does want it near by...just in case.

Clothes from Aunt Stacy

Emmett got some very cute clothes from Aunt Stacy this DKNY outfit is one of my favs!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandpa Fee's Tools

Alestair, Emmett and I stayed with my mom for a few days while Robert was working very long hours for Cirque Du Soleil. She went through some of my dads tools and let me take some home. One was a small hammer for finishing work. It fits Alestair prefect. Just after we got home I had to fix a curtain and Alestair decided to help. It reminded me of what I would do while "helping" my dad using the same tools. It was special being able to pass on what my dad passed to me.

Robert and Mindy

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