Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trip to Los Vegas

Last week Robert took an extra day off work for a three day weekend so we took a 4hr drive to Los Vegas to visit some friends who recently moved there.

Joyce and Daniel are wonderful! We are really greatful that they let us come and stay with them. it was a much needed vacation!

They have a little dog named Ali who watched Alestair like a hawk the entire time. Mostly I think she just wanted his binky which she finally got on the 3rd day as I was packing something. She stole it right out of his mouth and started using it. unfortunately I did not think of getting a picture of it. I did get a picture of her stealig Alestair's bed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Halloween Costume!

You may wonder what the point of this; is since Alestair is not trick or treating. Well, our ward has a Halloween party every year and everyone dresses up for it so this year Alestair will have his first Halloween Costume! I found it at for $5! I was pretty excited. He is squirt from Finding Nemo. We were going to make an octopus costume for him but you can't beat $5.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Robert has eyebrows!!

Has anyone noticed that Robert has finally grown eyebrows? I noticed he was getting some just after we had Alestair. It seems he didn't want to feel left out when Alestair and I had eyebrows and he didn't. Here is a picture of them.
They are still pretty small but they are there!

Family Photos

While my mom was in town we got pictures taken of us and Alestair here is the turn out:
My fav is the one with the 5 pictures on it. It has all of the cutest ones.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Robert has been wonderful. He comes home and takes over diaper changes and is always able to get Alestair asleep. He will do pretty much everything except feed him and get up at night. The getting up at night is just impossible though. Each time Robert trys to get up he ends up talking to himself and getting out of bed walking to the living room and coming back to bed without knowing what he was going to do or that he was even up. Thus night times are just for me and Alestair :0). Robert is lucky enough to be able to come home for lunch. Today we tried to leave the house and eat. Alestair was in his seat talking to himself and when we reached our desination (walmart--we were out of diapers) he had fallen alseep. I went to take him out and came upon an explosion! Robert took care of clean up while I bought diapers. Clean up was a head to toe deal for Alestair. He managed to get poop on pretty much everything including the extra outfit we had for him. it was rather exciting and rather gross but Robert took care of it all.

Laundry Basket or Bassinet?? 08

As Alestair has had a hard time sleeping with a cold...Who can when you can't breathe out of your nose? Robert and I decided that we were too tired to walk the 6 feet to the crib from our bed and refuse to have Alestair sleep in the bed with us so we made him a bed for himself. I must say it is MUCH cheaper to make the bassinet out of a laundry basket that has handles for ease of carrying through the house; than to spend 100+ dollars on one at the store. Alestair really likes it and sleeps better there than in his crib; or at least he did until I had to do laundry. This is how Robert and Alestair watch TV now. They steal my blanket and chair and then turn on some manly shoot um up show. Pretty much I just have to leave or get to the TV first. Mostly I just go do my own thing which is very nice after Robert being at work all day and doing his classes most nights. Yes I did say that Robert is taking classes. He is doing online courses from Westwood College to get a business degree. He is doing very well and was actually told by his counsler that most people taking online courses don't do the work like he does and that she was supposed to call and check in (AKA bug him to get the work done) but as he had everything done she will let him call when he needs help.

Robert and Mindy

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