Saturday, February 5, 2011

Huggies Diaper Dash!

Babies R Us had a crawling contest for 3months of Huggies Little Movers diapers. We decided it would be fun to see if Emmett would do it. He is fairly quick and well it would just be fun and if we won well who couldn't use 3 months of free diapers!Waiting for the race to begin!Starting outIn the mist!OK so I cheated and didn't take pics while the race happened cause my camera was dying. I wish I could have though cause Emmett got this game face on its a tight-lipped smile while he gritted his teeth. Wow he is competive too! It was soo cute!Alestair cheering Emmett on and enticing him with jingle toys! Really cute by the way...Alestair was soo excited to see his brother race!

He got the toys!

Emmett won his first race only one other baby but he really stomped him. We got a 10 dollar gift certificate for that race. His second race he did not win and actually got blocked because a very competive mother couldn't handle listening to the rule that you could not dangle things in front of the baby and move them along but had to sit at the end and get them to come. Anyway that mom's baby didn't win but blocked Emmett from getting anywhere because all the babies went after her and Emmett then couldnt see me. A cute little boy came from the other side of the track doing an army crawl and won! Very well deserved too! Hopefully we can do this again sometime maybe with walking...It was so fun to do this as a family!

Friday, February 4, 2011

touchable bubbles!

Thank you Aunt Darcy and Uncle Kelly!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Eye Doctor

Emmett went to the eye doctor. Yes his eyes are crossed but it is slight right now and does not need to have anything done. We will continue going every 6 months to have it checked out. The doctor thinks that he might need an eye patch eventually but not now. So much better than surgery! She also said he has great eyesight and very healthy eyes! Whoo! That made my day! They dialated Emmett's eyes to check his eyesight with this little maganifying glass that they just shine a light through and look at the nerves and all that stuff...nothing too fun but pretty amazing! Alestair and I had to try on his new shades since he wouldn't wear them.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Emmett's poor ears!

After finishing his antibiotics we found that Emmett woke up with a fever two nights later. We thought he was just getting some new teeth and just dealt with it. Later in the day we found out he was getting hives on his face after having a second fever spike. The fever never got over 100 but the hives scared us enough to call the doctor and asked to be squeezed into a very busy pediatric schedule. Of course by the time we got there (about 15min) the hives were clearing up and Emmett's fever was gone. After checking him over the doctor said that he had another ear infection and that she was fairly sure that it was not the same one but one that had come after the first double infection cleared (thankfully just the left ear this time). She said that it looked like he had a virus and that she had been seeing a few patients who were getting hives as a reaction to viruses. She said we would do another round of antibotics (that will be 20 days of the stuff this month!). She also said that we could give a very small amount of benedryl as a last resort. Does this sound odd to anyone else? It did to me. Since she went to med school I thought I would trust her but also keep my own ideas for a while and let her know if it got worse since this was not life threatening just uncomfortable for Emmett. Anyway after about 4 stores no one had children's benedryl....all sold out! GRR! So we decided to deal without it for a day and search again tomorrow. Hoping that the antibiotics would work quickly. The next day Emmett continued to have fever spikes only two. Each brought on new hives that were worse and worse. I called the Dr. She said that she still felt it was the virus and how his body was dealing with it. So after benedryl I decided to give it one more day and (3 doses of anitibotic) before I called another dr. Well guess she went to med school for a reason because the next day no fevers and no hives.... The dr. called me to check on little Emmett and said that she hadn't heard of them coming and going with just the fever but that they usually stay so we will see the next time he gets sick (or hopefully not and he will stay healthy) if that is his body's way of dealing with fevers-hives. Well Emmett does like to do things the hard way...

Robert and Mindy

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