Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cupcakes 101

Tonight Alestair and I made cupcakes while Robert was in the garage having "Man time". He did not care for stirring or anything but loved licking the spoon and eating the sprinkles. After I put them in the oven I showed him and tried to explaint hat they were cooking.

Aparently the eating them when they were done part didnt go through. This is what he said to me "Mom..." Licks the oven door while I try to keep him from doing so "Mom MOM..." Again licks the door. He then tried for dad. "See. Look they here!" "Dad!! Look they here!" His excitement grew each time.

After he figured out I had the camera out he pointed to the camera and then to the oven trying again to show me that the cupcakes were in there and good to eat.

This is the only one that he would let me get with him standing next to the oven. He was way to excited to get the cupcakes out.

Robert and Mindy

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