Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Aunt Stacy and Grandma Fee

The last day the Aunt Stacy and Grandma Fee were here we went to Olvera St. in Los Angeles and shopped. We then came home and prepared to let them leave us...
Aunt Stacy and Alestair wearing his most adorable overalls that Aunt Stacy purchased for him. He NEVER lays his head down like this on anyone so he must just love Aunt Stacy. I have only gotten this twice from him.

Grandma Fee seems to get a lot of heart to heart talks with Alestair. Its really cute but I never had my camera ready at the right time...stupid delay on the digital.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Yes Aunt Stacy, Grandma Fee, Alestair and I also made to the Walk of Fame. We did many many things I still can't believe we fit it all in!
One for Aunt Kristy Some for the Butler Bros One for Great Grandma Wetzel One for Grandpa Fee
Some for Aunt Stacy...not sure if she really cares about Robin Williams but it reminds me of her so there
and some for ME

Alestair's First Beach Trip

Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy had a great need to see Santa Monica Peir. This became the first beach trip for Alestair. Robert stayed home to avoid crowds as well as do his homework.
It was very sunny and hot. We kept Alestair covered as best we could. The only ride we could all take was on the ferris wheel so here we are with a great view of Santa Monica! (Aunt Stacy was taking the picture.)
This is Alestair and I he pretty much slept the entire time but I believe he enjoyed himself!

Hopefully we will get to see one like this for a Christmas card from Aunt Stacy and Grandma Fee. We really liked last years as it is still on the fridge.

The three Fee feet..(kinda one is also a Butler now)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blessing Day Memories

We all woke up at who knows what time other than it was before the sun...except for Misty. Everyone got showered and dressed...except for Misty. Everyone cleaned up the house for the lunch...except for Misty. This is starting to sound like the book "But not the Hippopotamus". Misty seemed to be a bit tired and since we all talked late into the night before it was understandable. However, I dont think that any of us knew that Misty and Robert sleep like the dead and are completely IMPOSSIBLE to wake. Just as everyone began to get to the apartment Misty finally was able to get herself ready as well. At this point Robert rushed Grandma Fee, Aunt Stacy, Alestair, and Mindy to the church to save seats as well as make room in the car for Misty and Heather. Everyone else got to the church about 30-45min later.
There was another baby to be blessed the same day. He was born almost a month after Alestair and also has a mother named Mindy. These are the only two babies born in the ward this year. Domynick (not sure on the spelling but I know I am close). Alestair was first. We had many people in the circle that were very special to us. Two of them being a close friend of Grandpa Fee named Dion Hatch and Dion's son Trevor Hatch. It was a very special blessing and we are so happy that Aunt Heather was smart enough to get a recording of it and hopefully soon she will be able to transcribe it for us.
Dion also brought his wife and 3 year old son Andrew. Andrew told me and Aunt Stacy continuly how much he loved my "castle" also known as the church building. This embarrased Dion as Andy has not missed a day of church for anything except being sick. Andy also loved Alestair and was very impressed with "him's feets" and how soft they were. It was very cute. We believe he made a friend with the daughter of another friend and coworker of ours named Halie. They played together at the lunch and Andy tried to share his broccoli with her.
After the lunch aparently it was nap time. Grandma Fee, Aunt Stacy and I did not realize this. We must have missed the memo. Robert, Alestair, Aunt Heather and Aunt Misty did not. The three of us who were out of the loop were actually talking with Misty and Heather when we realized they were asleep, a bit of a bummer for us.
Sadly after this it was time to say goodbye to Aunt Heather who needed to go home to her own babies who were missing her.
And now for pictures from "Heather's crappy camera"

The Butler Sisters and Robert

Aunt Heather and Alestair

Aunt Heather Eating Alestair (Robert did it to Emerson so pay back? I guess)

Aunt Misty and Alestair

Apparently this was a special day and Alestair didn't think it was right to smile so he gave us all very weird looks like this.

Obviously the talk I had with him didn't sink in and seemed to worry him.

Alestair's Blessing

Alesair Leimana Butler was blessed on September 7, 2008. He was nine weeks old and was able to have three of his aunts and one of his grandma's come to the event. He was also lucky enough to have two pews full of friends to see. Everyone met at Mindy and Robert's home at 8ish and then went to the chapel where Grandma Fee, Aunt Stacy, Mindy and Alestair were waiting and saving seats for everyone. Afterward there was a lunch with fruit, vegies, and wraps. Here are many pictures from this day taken with Misty's "awesome camera" more will come from Heather and Mindy's "crappy cameras" that got in the way of Misty's "awesome camera" a time or two. This was only part of the people who came for this wonderful event!
Three Generations (Mindy, Alestair, and Grandma Fee) Leimana Angelau and Alestair Leimana
Thank you to all who came to show support and love for our family. Thank you also to Aunt Heather for making the wonderful outfit for Alestair and for Grandma Fee for helping to finish it. We all had a wonderful time and were so happy and grateful to have everyone there.

Robert and Mindy

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