Friday, January 15, 2010


Meet Brock. Alestair's friend. This is just after we went to the Childern's Museum here in Everett and Brock got to stay for part of the night. It was hillarious! Brock and Alestair together plan and then carry out how to take apart the house. After dinner they both went to the laundry room door in the corner of the kitchen and wispered to each other (see picture). When I tried to take a picture Brock stood still and Alestair tried to attack...pictured. When it came to bed time. Both boys talked to each other for a good 45min. It was like back in the day having sleep overs or pretty much every night in my house with Kristy and Stacy in the same room. I had to go into the room about 3 times and tell them to go to sleep. Brock was very good and would lay down as soon as he heard me at the door while Alestair would be standing up and just point to Brock and say "Rock?" like "Brock's here I don't need to sleep". It was fun just the same.
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