Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Double Stroller

As we are having Emmett, we decided it would be best to have a double stroller. Yes a sit and stand would work but Alestair is really into running away and ignoring. It scares me. Also the Skogen family was sooo kind to give us their sit and stand that they no longer need. So as I said we wanted a double stroller. Now after having used a single stroller for a year I know what kinds of upgrades I wanted with the next stoller weather it was a single or double. I wanted to be able to go through rocks and sand and hiking trails without having the baby jostled like a bean bag and without the stroller getting stuck. So bigger wheels. I also wanted to have storage. So this brought me to the jogging stroller. Yes they are more expensive but I found if you look on Ebay you get a rather great deal and spending 200 to 300 dollars on a double stroller is pretty much what you will spend if it is just a regular one or a jogging one. So I got a Kelty Swivel Dualie....it is magical! I love it! I think I will love it more when we actually have two babies in it.
The seats recline seperately. there are two pockets for cups ( on the back so there is no throwing of them) there is two pockets for toys/moms stuff on the back of each seat and a wonderfully large basket below the seats. It has two 16 in wheels in back and one 12in swivel wheel in front. The sun cover is big enough to actually be useful and the seats are uber padded for extreme baby comfort. I LOVE IT

Watching Mulan

Alestair love Mushu from Mulan. He LOVES him. He laughs soo hard at Mushu that he can't sit up. Robert and Alestair watch Mulan together. I like to watch them instead of the movie.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sweet Sleep

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swim Lessons 2010

I found out that here in Everett the swim center has swim lessons through city recrecation. I also found out that swim lessons are about half as expensive in the winter months as they are in the summer and spring. So after Alestair was too afriad to let me do anything with him in the water during our December and January swim times; I signed him up for lessons. Just to get him used to the water and see it was fun since he didn't seem to think so. We have had lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights for the whole month of February. He has enjoyed it and will now try to swim on his belly and will kick for you and blow bubbles. Very adorable actually. Robert and I have switched with who takes him in and does the lesson with him. The first time he went in with Dad (see above). I am not sure but I think he liked having me in there with him more since I have a belly he can lean and sit against. Robert had a rougher time with the "reach and pulls" since he didn't have a belly like me. Alestair does not like to float on his back AT ALL (see top right picture below). His favorite is when we sing the motor boat song and go in fast circles. He likes to kick as well. He will push a ball out and then kick on his belly to get it. He seemed to really like his teacher, Clara. There were a few lessons where all he would do was stare at her. He also made a new friend named Gregory. Hopefully we get to go to the park with him throughout the summer. All in all, we got to have a great time as a family. We are thinking of doing it next year too since the boys will be in the same class together; but we shall see how it goes! For now Alestair loves to go swimming and knows exactly what to do and how to get his life jacket on. He walks right out to the deck to get in with Dad.

Brock and Ice Cream

Alestair is not such a huge fan of the homemade ice cream...Brock is a HUGE fan! As you can see he likes it soo much he will even drink the parts that melt into ice cream soup.


As it turns out boys are messy! This was shown to us one night of ice cream making with the Brower family. Brock took the mess to a new level...I won't descibe it for those of you who think poo is gross. So he got a bath. Alestair decided to join him. If you know anything about someone with my blood its that if you want something you go get it. So to avoid Alestair jumping right in with clothes on and making more of a mess. We put him in. It was funny. Reminded me of a picture that my mom has of me when my sister got a bath and I was not invited.

Robert and Mindy

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