Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow Day 6

It hasn't stopped snowing. Until I went out to take these. I wanted to play with the boys instead of carrying my camera so we didn't take pics the last couple days. IT IS SO COLD! 

My foot prints. kinda almost making it to the cement.
This is under a bit of tree cover as well.

The wind came with the snow. Snow Boy tried to stay up...
He is failing.

Just beautiful!

Yes we ended up with a little more than a foot.

Under the eves. Our wagon is completely filled and stuck. 

Our "cleared" walkway. As soon as we would clear it;
the snow came back to it. Like a magnet.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Day 3--Videos!

Snow Boy was put together today. 
Yep still snowing! You can see in the videos how it snowed. It pretty much snowed like that since the 15th of Jan until it stopped. It was wonderful. We are very happy. Wish Robert could be here with us more but still very very happy! As you can snowed a bit after we took pictures yesterday and continued through the night. These were in the afternoon.

Yes Emmett is still driving in the snow that is as high as the
wheels of his car...because that is safe and how we do it here.

"We stopped. Why?"

Tried to build another snowman but this snow was so powdery
we couldn't get it stick together. We just rolled a ball of snow
around until it fell apart. Emmett tried to pick it up. He is super strong!
I tried to sled with Emmett on a garbage can lid. It didn't work .
Emmett and Alestair got to do it and had fun.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Day 2

Well it stayed past church and kept snowing. Still hadn't gotten under the trees very well. We were happy! It was freezing! Robert has to work to get all of his workers out and make sure they are doing their jobs safely and all that so we don't see him as much when its snowing. He usually comes home for dinner and ends up leaving sometime in the night to come back for a possible nap in the afternoon and then to leave again. 

Emmett wiping off the car. You can't drive in
the snow with snow on your car. Duh!

Can you see the "OH NO" face he is making? Just a bit? He lost his boot and
got stuck..OH NO!

Alestair really liked my scarf and insisted on wearing for
the rest of the day.

Robert and Mindy

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