Friday, February 10, 2012


My hope was to send this one to people. My hope
didn't work out. But I love it :)

My three babies :) 

Alestair noticed Emmett's shoe was undone. He did it up for him.
Super sweet big brother moment.

When can he learn to tie his shoe? Still working that...

Harmonica by Alestair

First video is Alestair playing "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and the second is the camera was dumb and cut out his intro for "Horsey Horsey" and Alestair saying that he is "A happy day"

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Bean bag game. Painter's tape on floor.

Homemade bean bags for my boys for Valentine's day!

Alestair's backpack I made him out of his favorite
shirt that got too small, a pillowcase, and Roberts old tie.

Valentines/Big brother shirts and little brother shirt.

close up.

Robert and Mindy

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