Saturday, April 17, 2010


Alestair is a thinker. He always has been. You can see it in his eyes if he is planning something and usually with a little luck you can stop something undesirable from happening. He is pretty obediant as long as you are patient with him. That being said you can see as he decides what to do with Emmett being in the bouncer- weather to take Emmett's blanket or give him a hug.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My toes and Bebe Toes

Alestair has had this need and fasination with feet and toes for a while. It took about 5min for him to find out that Emmett had toes too. This is what he told me when he found them: "OOH Toes! Toes! Bebe toes!!" He then showed me that his toes were like Emmetts and that just like Alestair Emmett needed shoes and socks. Everyday since then Alestair has found shoes and socks for Emmett.

Taking Emmett Home!

After some researching and talking to friends I decided way back when to have a midwife rather than on OBGYN deliver Emmett. With that decision came a very wonderful delivery (yes I know it sounds odd to call that amount of pain and a week of strong contractions wonderful but it was). I was up and around like I had a baby a week ago and was told that I could go home after a short 24hr stay after the birth. So after breakfast on the 16th of April we readied ourselves to go home and rest and have our family together. We chose to have Alestair come home with us as well and it turned out to be wonderful. He loves his brother and only has issues with sharing Dad (makes my life at least easy).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Welcome Emmett Baird!

After a week of contractions and a 12hr stay in the hospital we are excited to say that Emmett has joined us in the oxygen breathing world! It was an experience much better and easier than Alestair. We had 10minutes of pushing and then a cute little bundle of boy was in my arms. He cries which is new for us since Alestair didn't. He is also much stronger than Alestair was but I already knew this. He loves to be held and loved on-again very different from Alestair who just liked to hang out. He was born at Providence Hospital in Everett, WA. He was 7lbs 6oz (I guess my boys like that size cause Alestair weighed the same) 19 1/4in long. He was born at 4:03am. He has black hair, long monkey toes, and long finger nails. He doesn't have eyebrows but we will hope that those come in :).
Our little family! Two boys! They have matching shirts Alestiar's says "I am a big brother" and Emmett's says "I am a little brother". Thank you to the Brower family for taking Alestair while we were in the hospital. It was wonderful to know he was well taken care of!

Robert and Mindy

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