Friday, February 25, 2011

A Feast

Alestair joined in... Emmett also grabed my chocolate milk and had a death grip on it. I could hardly pull it out of his hands. And he is cute.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another way to ride and a Necklace

Emmett and Maddy like to play together. Maddy decided to take Emmett for a little ride on day.
Since Robert gave me a new beautiful necklace for Valentine's Day that I have been wearing nearly every day Alestair got jealous and told me he needed one. I found an old necklace that I had made while in highschool with a little glass duck on it. Alestair fell in love with it and has been wearing it since.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emmett's Ride

Emmett loves to try to be like Alestair. His most favorite is trying to ride Alestairs trike. He gets all excited and sqeals. He puts both feet up on the wheel guard and holds onto the inside of the handle bar and moves back and forth until you push him. Anabel gets all worried and stays pretty close the entire time which is also pretty cute.

Blaket Tent

Robert and I held a tent over our heads with the boys under it and Emmett and Alestair spazed out. It was cute they loved it so much!

Emmett's broken arm

Emmett was crawling funny after a fall on Sunday. We thought he was just bruised so we watched him close for the rest of the day and Monday. By Monday night he was doing far better and we thought everything was fine. Tuesday he was doing even better though he had decided to crawl army style. Which I didn't think much of until I was trying to put his clothes on and he screamed and bawled that I had touched his left arm. This concerned me. I called his doctor and they were completely booked for Tuesday so I made an appt on Wednesday. Emmett seemed fine all day even tried to crawl on it a few times but not screaming in pain unless you touched it so again I thought it might not be that bad. While I was giving him a bath on Tuesday night I noticed a light green bruise on his forearm just under his wrist. Now I was really sure something major was happening. Since we had an appt already I didn't worry about it. Wednesday morning I took him to the doctor in the snow. It wasn't his regular doctor so I had to explain how he is a bully to Alestair and likes to climb like a monkey and does some crazy boy things. She looked at his arms and sent me to x-ray. I was ok until the x-ray. I walked in and had to really hold in the tears. Then they put this huge lead jacket on me and the tears tried to escape. The poor x-ray tech kept saying "This happens. He's fine. Look he smiled. You will be ok" and then I had to hold him still while they x-rayed him which he did really really well durning. After the doctor showed me the x-ray I was a bit relieved because there weren't any major breaks. There was a small "buckle break" right near his wrist on his radius. I was assured that no matter what it would heal properly and he would be perfectly fine. She told me this is a break that happens when people fall and put their arms out to catch themselves. Kids bones are flexible like green tree branches and just like bending a green tree branch they don't just snap they crackle apart and splinter. So that is what Emmett did. She then told me that if he wrestles with his brother now I should just start getting used to it because she is sure that they will see us again. Emmett got away with not having to wear a cast but just a little tiny wrist brace. It is actually a tiny bit big but works just fine. He will need to wear it for two weeks at least most of the time although if he doesn't wear it she said it will heal the correct way anyway it will just take a week longer since it won't be protected. Robert did the all strong man stuff until he saw Emmett in the brace and his eyes turned so red and he grabbed Emmett up before he started crying. Emmett loves his brace and will put his arm out to put it on and is happily crawling around on it. Is it bad that we think his little brace looks kinda cute? I mean for having to have to wear something like that Emmett totally rocks it! Alestair saw it for the first time and said "what'd you get that for?" I explain that Emmett broke his arm and Alestair said "Oh NO! Big owies! So sad" and then kissed Emmett's brace.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Emmett's 1st coloring adventure

Emmett has amazing fine motor skills. He colors on paper and the crayon usually takes a while to get into his mouth. Here are his coloring skills at work. Below is Alestair's first time coloring in 2009.

Robert and Mindy

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