Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Sleepy Bogaloo

Most adorable!

Packing the pounds

Alestair's new favorite toy is the scale. He likes to watch it turn blue when it shows how much he weighs. For the record it is 19lbs right now.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alestair's Friend

Joyce gave Alestair a very soft stuff man doll, way back when he was only 6weeks old. We brought it out this past week. Alestair is pretty much the same size as the doll and he rather enjoyed attacking it.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"Real" Pictures

Click the link for more pictures!
Click here and enter your Customer Name (MINDY BUTLER): go to and enter the following: Customer Name: MINDY BUTLER Access Code: LTPP0186110944JCP
I have found out that you can download the pictures to your computer...very nice! They turned out soo dang cute! The photographer took all of a half hour I think. She was very impressed that Alestair was so happy. He laughed and laughed at her. It was really funny when she was get this pictures of the I- heart- and U. She would set them up and Alestair would push them down and laugh and then she would say "HEY" and He would just laugh so hard he couldn't breath. She would set it up again and Alestair would push it down agian.
I love Alestair's tux. I am so glad that Alestair can wear what Eric had. I can hardly find good Sunday outfits down here let alone an adorable tux!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Although Alestair has been crawling for over a month now and pulling himself up on things for the past few weeks; this was the first time that he walked around a chair or anything for that matter. It was so exciting! As you can see Alestair thought so too! In the week since Alestair has crawled up the stairs and gotten extremely fast at crawling from room to room. He found the toilet paper after not being remotely interested in it until the chiropractor mentioned it, he found that there are electronics in the house and that he is strong enough to pull nails out of the wall holding the cable cords in (yeah baby safe my eye!). I am hoping to have a little while where he doesn't walk yet but Alestair doesn't seem interested. He is always putting his feet under himself and trying to stand and walk. Thankfully he hasn't gotten enough balance yet to pull his hands up but he has let go of things like the chair and stood on his own for a second.

Robert and Mindy

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