Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Memory Book

Uncle Wetzel came up with this amazing, wonderful idea to have everyone in the family send him pictures and memories so he could compile them into a book from It turned out wonderful! He did Grandma and Grandpa's pictures with their kids growing up and then each one of their children has a seperate two pages and then there are a few pages for grandkid memories and then just lots of pictures of the grandkids and greatgrandkids and so on. He even got really awesome and put a family tree on the first two pages. We each had the option of purchasing one ourselves and I got one for my family. I am so glad we have it! I love being able to show my children what their Great Grandparents looked like when they were young.

Lake of the Woods

As Wetzel family reunion go I am pretty sure Lake of the Woods is a must. So we went and conquered them again!
It was very wonderful there. Great Grandma made Emmett sooo happy he slept on her lap for 2.5hrs! I was shocked and asked if she would like me to take him but she was very happy too. I think Emmett found his favorite people that weekend. Alestair loved being able to see so much nature and being allowed to touch it all. Grandma Fee and I took him on a hike with us and it was much enjoyed. He walked nearly the whole way. Since he had just gotten up from a nap I suppose that it was good to get the engery out.

Grandma and her beet farming

Great Grandma Wetzel's family (the Butterfield family) had a beet farm when she was growing up. She always shows us grandkids (and great grandkids) how she would harvest the beets with this tool:
As she would tell us what she did she would sometimes let us try it out and would be sure to show us how sharp the tip is. I swear I wouldnt have a hand left if I had been a beet farmer. I love how she shares her history so well. I always had a story to share at church for pioneer day and at school in history class.

Goodbyes begin...

It was always my least favorite part of reunions. You warm up to people and start having real fun and then you have to say good bye until the next reunion unless you are lucky enough to see them before then. And so it started my cousin Johnathon and his wife Stephanie had to get in the car for a long long drive back to Utah with four I don't want to imagine that trip. I really have no idea how my parents did it with all six of us but they did and I will always be thankful that we were able to travel like we did.
Hopefully we will see them again soon!

It was about time...

Wendy and Nic came just after the rest of us finished up breakfast. and the kiddos found an amazing bubble blower in the toy closet. It always been something I admire about my grandma is the closet full of toys. Everyone knew where they were and pretty much left everything else in the house alone. Even while growing up it was like this. so I have decided to have a toy closet as well. When I no longer have kiddos in my house of course since their toys are far to many to fit in a closet and would never stay there anyway...a toy box works well.

Evil Skevers

aka Ebel Skevers or puff pancakes. A Wetzel tradition.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wetzel Water Fun

It is HOT in Klammath Falls so I bought a small pool and we filled it up for the kiddos to get wet and cool in. It was a big hit with Emma and Alestair...Emma borrowed Emmett's suit.
Great Grandpa Wetzel built a water bottle rocket and everytime we come we get to play with blasting two liter bottles filled with water way up into the air. It takes some time to get the direction correct (they continually shot them into the neighbors yard for the first 10minutes) but once you get it in the right area its great fun to see who will be sprayed.

Wetzel Reunion 2010

Everyone having tons of fun! The card games and baby smiles and naps and blankets in the grass all very much memories of fun times at Grandma Wetzel's house. Emmett really really loved his Great Grandparents. He sat with Great Grandma until he had his worst blowout yet and as you see above had the biggest smiles to share with her. He gave Great Grandpa snuggles and some giggles.
We redid my Grandparents roof as part of the reunion...well the guys fixed it. :) and it turned out awesome!
And so went the first day of the reunion. Granted that not many of the cousins could come (4 grandkids and their families were there including us) it was still pretty great seeing people we hadnt seen in over four years. Uncle Dan took pictures for us and really made it fun to have a slide show and see everyone from years past.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Grandma's House we go!

And then to Great Grandma's...for a Wetzel Family Reunion!

More Photo Shoot

Misty Photo Shoot

Monday, August 2, 2010

cup box inners

who knew that the inside of a cup box would work so well at keeping a two year old still?

Peanut Butter Rice Crispies

For the First time...Messy but soo soo yummy!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Peanut Butter again.

Yes again Alestair has hit the peanut butter and pretty much ate the whole thing while Dad was away and Mom was getting Emmett and herself ready.

Robert and Mindy

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