Saturday, July 30, 2011

Berry picking!

You would think that since it has been so cold lately that the strawberries turned blue. But you would be wrong. They were nice and red and since it was the end of the season TINY. We still ended up with a bunch of them! Alestair loves to pick strawberries. Emmett actually tried to walk around here (not that that happened. I swear the kid will never walk!) He loved to eat the berries. I lost about six strawberries from him.
The farm we visited also had raspberries. The season had just begun so we picked a very very full basket of them. We ended up with I believe ten pounds of raspberries. The raspberries were very delishious! Emmett again ate them. He got a lot of the raspberries. Of course when we got home there was a strict no eating fruit policy from both boys. Oh well!
Robert and I made a lot of jam! I couldn't find all of my pint jars so we ended up with 12 pint jars and 10 quart jars of jam. We made 6 pints and 4 quarts of purely raspberry jam, 3pints and 1quart of strawberry jam and a few pints and quarts of mixed raspberry and strawberry. We were not very carefull with letting them set and remembering what was what so when we put the lids on we think we got them right but there really is no telling...oops.
We will be going berry picking next year again for sure these berries made the best looking jam I have ever seen. It tastes wonderful too! We ended up throwing away smuckers and opening some of ours. It is so pink/red its just amazing like eating them from the vines!

Outside Play--lots of pictures=lots of cuteness! :)

Big brother is a major spoiler. Emmett doesn't need to walk
 for anything...Alestair will get it for him. He wants two cookies?
 Mom says no? Oh well Alestair will give him his cookie...
Goodness am I in trouble?

what's the problem?


I got two cookies. I got two cookies!
 I got two cookies hey hey hey hey!
A drinking captain OH NO!

a smashed up lip and chocolate chin.

Alestair loves to ring the bell on the stroller. We are so awesome with our bell!
Emmett was wondering where his brother
 went. Alestair put his bear in instead.

Emmett pushing Alestair.

Alestair was not happy that Emmett was pushing.
He didn't have his buckles on yet.

His shirt and pants got wet. Getting wet is so upsetting here
that nakedness is prefered over wetness. Alestair in general
 only likes to be clothed.

Its Mater underwear. Only the best you know!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alestair comforts Emmett.

Emmett took a faceplant into the cement from his camping chair and got a fat lip. Alestair had a fat lip earlier in the week so he wanted to make sure that Emmett got ice and sunggles. Alestair says "Cold Ice Emme it" at the beginning and "Help me! Mama Help me turn this!" at the end.

Alestair dances

A little video of Alestair dancing. He is so talented he almost danced his pants off! At the end of the video he says "Mommy, Let's see you." He was asking to watch the video on the camera.

Remember this game?

Emmett 7-26-2011
Alestair 4-24-2010

Something must be up with wanting to be in a cage.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


May 19:
Emmett was napping. Alestair walks into his room and pokes him ("He is so tute Mommy!") After I quietly try to rush him from the room he comes bouncing out of the room wispering "shh tuiet he sweeping!"...Emmett is not sleeping now. He is crying and his concerned brother is now telling me that his baby needs him. Some how this nap thing isn't working out.

June 8:
I asked Alestair if he knew that I loved him. He responded "Yes! Even when I poop!" That is exactly the time I wanted him to remember my love...
June 17:
I took the boys Father's Day shopping. Alestair picked out some really aweful plaid shorts. After I let him know that Daddy probably wouldn't like them he changed his mind and insisted that the ink tag on them was what Daddy would like. He told me "Its really nice. He like it lots." We ended up with a new wallet that won't break cards.

July 14:
Me: When someone says "Hi my name is Mindy. What's yours?" What do you say?
Alestair: Hey! Where's my daddy?

July 19 to July 22
While Robert was away for a week:
First morning about 10am: Alestair "MOM! MOM! Where's my dad? Where did you put him?" Me "Remember we dropped him off at his hotel for the week? He has to work all week long." Alestair "Oh ok..."
At 2pm that afternoon: Alestair "MOM MOM! Where's my dad go? At work? Can I grab him now?"
Next day lunch: Alestair is not eating I am getting frusterated. Alestair: "We need to grab my dad now!"
He asked/told me to "grab his dad" about three times until Friday then he said "I go to see my docdor! and then I grab my dad but I really want to see my docdor fwirst. Emee, we are going to the docdor!"

July 22:
At the doctor's office she asked if they are nice to each other. I tell her that they are usually and that Alestair is super protective. The nurse comes in to give Emmett his shots. Emmett of course cries like it is the most horrible thing- Hyperventilating and hiccuping. Alestair runs to the nurse "NO NO NO NO you can't hurt my baby Emee!"

July 20:
Eating dinner. Alestair had to have Cherrios.
Alestair with a mouth full of cherrios munching away and very wide open mouthed. "Mom Hey! This is how they go to my belly!" Me "yes you are right" Alestair "Can they go in my nosey to my belly?" Me "no lets not try that" Alestair "Ok. But what about my belly button? Maybe in my belly button?" Me "probably not" Alestair thoughtfully "well maybe...maybe my button"

Today's post was brought to you by the letter R

And some very cute boys. Emmet came in plopped himself down and waited for the camera. What a ham! He is wearing his Superman style as I call it. He has this habit of taking his pants off and then taking his diaper off. I am not a fan. I could just put a onesie with pants over top but he was pulling the diaper through that so Superman it is. He is also advertising for all of his Aunt's. His shirt says "My Aunt is the Best"

He was all done.

Alestair tried it on. It got stuck.

Robert and Mindy

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