Sunday, February 13, 2011

Great Grandpa Robbins

We were able to visit Grandpa Robbins while in town for the weekend. It was so nice to visit! Of course we had Oreos and peanut butter which was a highlight for the boys for sure! This was Emmett's first time seeing him and he really enjoyed himself. Alestair loved that he could go outside by himself and they both liked the pictures and books Grandpa has on his coffee table. Alestair's favorite was when we went to visit Great Grandma Robbins and he found the bowling ball set while we waited. He figured out how to put the pins up by himself and would swing the ball between his legs and hit them all down. Grandpa got a kick out of it too.Alestair was absoultly terrified of riding on Grandpa's walker. He liked to sit on it but not while it moved unless the elevator was invloved. It put him at just the right height to hit the button.Emmett stood by Grandpa for a long while and checked out his chair. I love this picture of their hands together.
This picture is the best one I could get of the two of them. It was so sunshinny it was hard!

Robert and Mindy

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