Monday, March 9, 2009

Ali the Mini Pin

Alestair was terrorized by Ali the last time we were in Vegas (If you don't remember go back to the vegas blogs in Aug/Sept time last year) This time he turned the tables. Alestair chased Ali all over and when she threatened to take the remote well look at the picture. Ali even tried to be friends this time and went to smell Alestair and Alestair tried to bite her nose. From that time on Ali did not try to get close to Alestair again. There was no binky stealing this time.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


The time came when we had to say good bye to the Fee clan. Alestair gave hugs all around (he has really turned into quite the hugger/squeezer)

Little Apollo's Blessing Day

As I said Alestair is very conserned when other babies cry. We took pictures of the two cousins on Little Apollo's blessing day. Little Apollo was hungry so he was trying to let us know that this was not ok with him and cried. Alestair did his best to comfort him.
Thank you Kristy and Apollo for letting us share your special day! We had a lot of fun and will have to get together again. The boys will need to learn how to get into real trouble :)

Robert and Mindy

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