Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Grammie came with Sister Ricks, Charlie and Anna to go to Cabela's. Grammie and I had saved up some money to spend there after seeing such wonderful things in July. Unfortuntaly they did not have what I needed but Grammie found some amazing dishes!
They had a very nice camping chair for kids which was 20 dollars. The same price that I would pay for an adult chair. I was told by the sales lady that the Cabela's chair was the cheapest childs chair that could hold and adult and lock and have a cup holder. Let me just say that a few days later I found a BETTER chair for Alestair at KMart for 10 dollars. It has a lock, cup holder and a cut puppy shape as well as holding my weight.
If this were in a different fabric I might consider it. It rocks while its reclined and Alestair LOVED it. Charlie had a good time as well.
All said and done...after taking a very long drive and not finding much it was a wonderful trip! Anna and Charlie were very fun. I think that Robert had the most fun since he took them to the laser range after lunch. We will need to do this again!!

Robert and Mindy

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