Saturday, August 21, 2010

Butler Camping Trip

We had reserved a camping spot in Janurary and found out that we could have eight people there. So we went with friends and Dave and had a wonderful time! Anabel and our friends dog Sophie had probably the best time they have had in a long time. They got dirty and were fed sasauge and other lovely things. We were even visited by some racoons that gave Anabel something to protect us from. 2 adult racoons and 2 babies. They came to eat the dog food that Anabel refused for the good stuff. Dave, Robert and Jake were able to go to the peir to crab and actually caught 3 for us to eat! Alestair and his friend Maddy loved being able to run around and get dirty and play in the water. While Emmett, Tina and I were able to relax and run after Alestair and Maddy. It was the best vacation we have taken in some time and will be going again soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Howarth Park

It was one of those blazing hot Sundays and some friends asked if we would like to go to the beach. Thinking it had to be cool there (its near water right?) we went. It was not cool but still blazing hot. Sooo we did not stay long but had a great time! It was very pretty and all three boys (Adam, Emmett, and Alestair) had a good time being outside. Yes I did pack both boys on me down the spirl staircase to get on the beach. Yes it was hard.

Robert and Mindy

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