Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tulip Festival 2011

 Tina and I took the kids to the Tulip Festival on the very last day of the Tulip Festival. It was so much fun! We were sad they guys weren't with us but I think it was all the more fun with out them ;).
I love that Maddy is looking scared
and pulling Emmett back away from the windmill :0)
Such a good picture of two two year olds huh?

Shh! Don't tell we picked two flowers...
they were cutting them all down anyway.

Emmett loves Anabel

Car washing

After trying to help through the window Alestair decided to help Robert wash the car outside. I couldn't help but take a few pictures (or about a million). They are so cute together! You can't blame me right? I am not crazy.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad Hair Day

Maddy came over today. It was 8am...she was up dressed and hair a wild mess :) I love messy kid hair! I suppose it makes me feel better about my messy adult hair but today was an epic messy hair day for Miss Maddy. I had to snap a shot before we tried to get it fixed. I say tried because it didnt work that well. I love her I am still tired but must say cheese for the camera look. what a good sport!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Peter Potomus and Mac 'n Cheese

Like I said...Peter Potomus is the new car or something. Alestair had Robert read it to him while he ate his very special good boy dinner of mac 'n cheese from the Olive Garden. I really need to find out what place they are getting it from since Alestair devours it.

A new birthday vest

Emmett was given a hand knited vest for his birthday from my friend Georgia. They were unable to come to the party so she brought the vest to letter day with her. It looks so good on Emmett :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alestair's handiwork

Alestair likes to write. He likes to write on his brother not just paper. Emmett doesn't care. He just sits there. Alestair came out with a permant marker and said that he had practiced his As. Emmett came crawling out afterward all marked up. Crazy how fast these thing happen. I was using the restroom and I didn't even know we had a green marker.

Emmett joins the peanut butter club

Alestair loves peanut butter. Emmett apparently does too. I suppose this will be something we end up buying way more often than we used to.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Peter Potomus

My mom got a book called Peter Potomus for the boys this Easter. Alestair loves it and takes it everywhere. It is in his all important traveling around the house and store bag. He even sleeps with it. Today he read it to Emmett. So sweet!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Alestair's Egg Hunt

Alestair has been fasinated by the egg hunt that Aunt Wendy did. So he gathers all the balls and makes his own hunt. Hopefully he won't figure out that there are real eggs in this house.

Happy happy Emmett

After so many long early months of Emmett having colic these last 7ish have been so sweet. He has become extremely happy. Still not awesome on the sleep thing but who could be when you are so excited to see your family in the morning. We have to wait for Alestair to fall asleep at night before putting Emmett to bed now not just because Alestair climbs into Emmett's crib but because Emmett talks and talks and squeals and screams to have Alestair talk and play with him. He absoultly loves to see his dad come home or walk into a room. This is pretty much the face he gives though most times you can't see his eyes because he is smiling too big. He is not a fan of being left with dad very often but does like to take the occasional day with Dad as long as Alestair is there its usually ok or if Dad makes potatoes. Emmett will do anything for potatoes.

Sweet dreams boogaloos!

Sweet sleep. Alestair is not taking naps very often now. Usually it goes well. He does try to sneak naps now and again which is very cute.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter was late this year. Aunt Wendy and Uncle Nic really wanted to do something for the boys and since Easter was late we thought we could do an Easter egg hunt outside. Well it was wet. Big surpise it has been very very wet this year and in June now we are still waiting for summer to find its way here.

Aunt Wendy and Uncle Nic set up an egg hunt in their living room for the boys. It was a ton of fun! We got there just after church and got changed then went hunting! Emmett was slow and had to inspect all his eggs as he got them while Alestair went for it all. Aunt Wendy was pretty awesome with her fillings. Chocolate and change! Woo! Alestair was very excited and counted his money while in timeout and throughout the next week.

Alestair Hunting.
Emmett Hunting.

The Spoils. Emmett wondered why Alestair got more. Notice the real eggs. Alestair had a hard time letting go of them. Tricking didn't work this year.
They made a most sectacular linner for us! Smoked tri tip, garlic mashed potatoes, and smoked turkey. It was delicious! Emmett ate more of the potatoes than everyone else combined! We tried to slow him down but he would come back and beg so sad we gave in.

Alestair refused to hug or kiss and really wanted to take the magnifying glass home.
While everyone (Emmett) finished eating I put together baskets. I had a big tub to hold the larger items that Sheri gave the boys (bubbles and a bowling set). I also put in some items for the boys to share like some awesome books the Grandma Fee sent (Peter Potomus and Richard Scary). Alestair has carried these books around everywhere. Aunt Wendy and Uncle Nice got the boys some awesome cars (Emmett's favorite) and a popcicle making set. I got everyone lots of chocolate and candy :). I gave Wendy and Nic a popcicle making set too! Its a bunny set and super cute :). We also decorated some sidewalk chalk for them. Robert got a really awesome Nanoblock set that is like super mini legos and super fun! Wendy and Nic gave him some cooking untinsls and me some peanut butter chocolate eggs which were super yummy! Robert got me a new pearl necklace as well. We got Alestair a bug magnet puzzle and some blue rubber ducks. He also got a light up duck for the tub and Emmett got a light up frog. Emmett also got a stuffed bear dressed as  bunny. Grandma Fee also found a super cute little family figures for Emmett. It has a dad in a shirt and tie and a mom who is "wearing" her baby (exactly how Emmett would have his life be) and a dog and cat. He likes to carry them around the house.
Emmetts Puppy face...I swear my boys have turned into dogs.

After doing baskets and playing with our new toys the boys got way tired and Alestair tried to take a nap with Uncle Nic while watching a show so it was time to go. We had a lot of fun as we always do when we visit them!

Robert and Mindy

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