Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa is REAL

Just in case some of you were not aware how real Santa is: While growing up my family with six children Santa always had a hard time finding spots for the gifts so he would end up putting one box of one person's gifts hidden, wrapped up in my mom's closet. I assumed this was just because of the amount of space but this year having Christmas with just our family we found that Santa did the same thing! Seriously he hid four(4) gifts for the family in my closet. So Spooky! We found them and now have "Horton Hears a Who", Beatrix Potter Collection on DVD, and "101 Dalmations" special edition. Alestair also got a new outfit out of this Hidden Santa find. I think Santa has this planned! I will keep you posted on next year...

Day After Christmas Wrestle

After another big breakfast, Alestair and Robert decided to "rest" on the floor. Alestair had his monies from Grandma Butler and when dad tried to take a look; Alestair attacked!
This is the preferred clothing for the week.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Post Santa:
Our breakfast table set up by Santa.
Aunt Wendy was able to join us for the morning. We loved having her! It was hard to keep
Alestair in his room until she came. He was extremely excited when we told her she was coming. He actually squealed a few times and ran right past the presents to the door to let her in.
Breakfast was the Fee Sticky Buns...They never tasted so good! I think it was because I added double the nuts :). Of course they were a hit with Alestair he is actually trying to smile in the picture but eat as well and it came out looking a bit angry.First glimpses.... Alestair had us wear hats. We all had one.Aunt Wendy was the helper of choice to open presents. She gave him boots and socks which were the biggest hit. Its ok though Robert, Wendy and I were all excited about different presents he received and oooed each time. Grandma Fee gave a combine with a little man that comes out and you can put the Little People into it. Once the little people set was out that is all that mattered. The driver of choice is the black and white puppy at the moment.Alestair got so many things that he spent a few minutes trying it all out for the day. He got playdoh in his stocking and a shapes puzzle. Daddy gave a biplane that has working wheels and propellersAfter such a hard morning of excitement and playing Aunt Wendy, Alestair and Anabel all took a nap. Anabel of course had to be as close to the biggest sleeping person as possible.
Grandma Fee and Aunt Stacy found a card building set of Hogwarts. Robert and I built it during nap time two. It was fun and the best part is we can get more of the sets and build it bigger!
We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Robert and I have started our own family Christmas traditions this year. It has been very joyous! We decided to have our big dinner on Christmas Eve; thus leaving us with leftovers to pick at on Christmas Day. For our Christmas Eve dinner we made a turkey which even though being pounds smaller than the one on Thanksgiving gave us a ton more meat. We had Gingerbread man biscuits and cranberry sauce and corn and the most marvelous stuffing ever! Alestair helped Dad make the mashed potatoes. Everyone helped with the turkey. We got to use our china and silver this year as well. It was a lot of fun. We did miss everyone but it was really nice to have our little family celebrating.
Alestair acually sat through dinner too! It was amazing! Robert also grabbed some egg-nog and shared with Alestair. He loves it! You can not give him milk or juice or water after egg-nog because he will throw a fit! He actually took it out of the fridge to ask for gross.
After we cleaned up a bit. Alestair got to open his Christmas Eve present(s). Slippers and Jammies! He let me take a picture of him just before we got in the car to look at lights. He looks soo big now that most jammies are comeing in two pieces. After the lights we came home and Robert read the Christmas story from the bible. Alestair and I tried to put the nativity set up at the right parts but he was so sure that everyone was to be lying down rather than standing up it didn't go so well. We then sang songs and watched The Nativity.
Alestair put out his letter and cookies and milk for Santa after this. Of course he had to steal a cookie to make sure they were still good.
We had a wonderful Christmas Eve that was very peaceful...sure to be the last but still.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making cookies for Santa

Alestair is really into helping lately. As you can see he was a gigantic "help" with cookie making. Notice he has drool all down his front as if the chocolate could not get to him quick enough. My most favorite picture is of him showing all of his teeth with chocolate smeared everywhere. He was so proud to help!

Robert and Mindy

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