Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Neil and Dannelle came up with Josie and James in tow. It made Thanksgiving lots of fun! Josie and James got socks for mittins so that we could play out in the snow for a bit. Anabel ran away but was found after Robert went out and searched. This made for a huge ordeal inside with Alestair, James and Josie. Alestair even checked the basement calling "Belle! My Belles!". Josie did the same. We played games and had a lovely turkey which we didnt get a picture of.... Robert made my dad's pumkin pie reciepe and an apple pie. Neil made two sweet potatoe pies and we had all the regular fixins to go with the turkey. With far more food than anyone there would have or could have eaten it really felt like Thanksgiving! Dave joined us for pie and game playing even!This one reminds me of Winnie the Pooh...Its Alestair.Cute little James.
The one below is just pretty and I like that Alestair is in it. Robert, Neil and James had a snow fight...not snowball just snow. The snow was way powdery so it was hard to make a snow ball.
Josie, Emmett and I were smart and only stayed out for a little while. Emmett did eat snow. Thank you Aunt Kaye for the adorable snow suit!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It bloomed!

I think this was the most fragrant rose not to mention the most beautiful!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow and a Rose!

It started snowing and I found my rose bud about to bloom. I took it inside and Alestair loved to smell it. Our beautiful snowy home!
Playing in the snow! Alestair loved it and Emmett didn't really understand what to do in it. Aunt Kaye told me the next day that we should open Emmett's Christmas gift and it was the cutest snow suit! I was really absent minded and took pictures of it on my phone so when Neil and Dannelle came for Thanksgiving we took more pictures of him in it. He loves it and its really cute! Alestair threw his first snowball. The snow was all powder so it was difficult but he had fun with it!
Anabel loved it as well. She would not go to the bathroom in it but who would want to. Dave was fixing his car while we played and Alestair kept trying to get him out in the cold. It was pretty funny.

Robert and Mindy

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