Thursday, December 9, 2010

Letter Days

Yep I stole the idea from Krystal was a really good idea you can't blame me. Or you can..I did do it.
Letter E:
Elf, Elf Ears (Elephant ears in half), Elf song and E is for Elf coloring sheets (Emmett too)!
Emmett and Itziana played on the floor together while all the bigger littles ate Elf Ears. I love Davie's face...posing while everyone else stuffs their face.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting the Christmas Tree...2010

This is a sad but happy thing. After finding a 5 dollar deal on a fake tree 2010 will be the last year for a real tree for a while in our home. We will miss the adventure of finding a tree but not the mess or pokiness or sap or watering or ... fill it in.

We had to wait for Robert and Dave to finally be ready to go. After getting all three kiddos and I in the car we munched on chocolate covered pretzels and waited. Alestair's friends Maddy got to come with us year. They had a blast running about trying to find a tree and other treasures. They had a lot of fun stump hopping. Emmett hung out in the pack on my back. He wished he could run around but alas he has just learned to crawl about a month ago.

Once we found the tree we liked. We all hauled it back to the car. Robert hauled it back to the pay station while Dave and I drove the kiddos back to pick up Robert and the tree.

Robert and Mindy

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