Monday, August 18, 2008

The Strip

We visited the trip to Vegas is right without seeing the strip!

New York - New York We parked here.The M&M Factory AKA 4 story store with only one restroom....this is where I fed Alestair and changed him...yes I was in the ONLY woman's toilet room for 20min. A little embarrasing but you would expect anther restroom to be in a 4 story place but no just one Toilet for men and one for woman. Another interesting fact about this restroom was when someone in the men's room flushed it woul make the womans toilet spray very nasty!

The Belliagio Fountains! They turn them on evey 15min and the water dances to whatever music they put on. Really really cool! The fountains spray as high as the casino really amazing!

It was HOT! But we did alright. We walked I don't know how many blocks but boy did we all feel and look really healthy by the end of it!

We saw some of the dancing girls on the way back. They must have been warm with feather boas and such heavy looking head things. Joyce wanted to get a picture of them as she has always wanted to see them! Here we got Daniel to take a picture with them. We also went to Freemont St. where the largest LED screen is right above the street. unfortuntely Robert had the camera so I didnt get to take pictures. We liked it there much better. They had a man playing instruments there outside the casinos and lots of little shops and things to look at other than gambling and it was MUCH less crowded! This is where Robert and Daniel went to play a game...aka slots. Robert won 300 dollars and then decided to play black jack and won 80 more.... No he is not addicted it is pretty funny though! needless to say we will be paying dr bills with the money.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

While in Los Vegas...

Joyce and Daniel took us around the town. Lets just say the night time darkness hides a lot of things. We saw this lovely extended mobile home...someday maybe we will have some thing so nice (just kidding!). Funny thing though there seemed to be a lot of these homes that were extended; one even had a diswasher on the roof. They were really snazzy! Yes that is all one home from the rounded roof on the left over to the end of the pointed one on the right. The buildings on the back are also attached.

Robert and Mindy

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