Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oliver's Blessing Day

Lesson learned. Take pictures before church!

Butler cousins...half of them

playing a game

I love having Heather visit. I get amazing pictures :) 
Heather (Robert's sister) takes beautiful pictures. I feel guilty when she comes I always ask her to take pictures. I am hoping that this doesn't bother her. She is just so dang good! Check out her site

A very nice picture of Robert and his mom holding Oliver.
Shari and Chris are behind them. They are Robert's CSRs and
came to the blessing with us.

So I didn't get many beautiful pictures but we have a bunch of real life pictures. :)

Tummy Time

Alestair is singing in one of these videos. He is singing about his birthday presents from Grandma Butler. He was super excited. She got him the one thing he asked for. A bat and baseball. We were very happy to share Alestair's birthday with Oliver's blessing day and be able to have both sides of our family there :)

Robert and Mindy

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