Saturday, March 20, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

That's right its a throw back. Since our computer crashed last year with all of our pictures on it, I had come to grips that pictures of our married life before children were gone.... Until today when I put in my little San Disk from my camera and proceeded to update my photos so that I could update our blog. What do you think happened? A magical miracle perhaps? Well maybe....
What really happened was that I got pictures that for some reason were not erased from our disk over the years of use. We have pictures from one day in 2007 and one day of our first visit to the temple with Alestair in 2008. I am not sure why they are stuck on the disk since you can only pull them up if you stick the disk in the computer. Anyway I will now share:
From 4-23-2007: A trip to the California beach that had little sand flies everywhere and it was hard to eat our picnic so instead I took pictures of Robert.

From 11-5-2008: Our first trip to the temple as a little family. We pretty much just took pics of the temple and the statues in front of the visitor's center that was under construction and probably doesn't look anything like this out front anymore.

They turned out pretty good for not having any of our adorably cute faces in them.

Snazzy Alestair

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Alestiar loves "hu-At"s. He found one baseball cap and wears it like so:

Robert and Mindy

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