Saturday, June 9, 2012

Four days old!


4 days

4 days and first outing :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another Day

such a perfect little hairy boy!

excitement               and              shhhing

Alestair came up during nap time and snuggled Oliver to sleep

and held hands adorably

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Loves. Alestair holding Oliver for the first time.

Crib built and Oliver's first time in it. He got a new crib.
Its a mini and its wonderful!

You can almost cut the excitement bursting out of him!
Emmett holding Oliver for the first time.

First visitors! Tina and Maddy. 

Emmett is so full of excitement. Alestair took this picture.
We grabbed the big boys on the way home. They were so tired from all the excitement. We all slept so well after getting home and being together again!

On the way home!

Finally getting to go home! Happy Birthday Aunt Heather!
Getting ready and then all dressed up. Alestair picked his
pants. I made the shirt He barely fits into the newborn clothes.

Trying to figure out why its taking two hours
to get discharged. 

I love how he looks at our babies!

getting in the car for the first time

Didn't phase him. He slept the whole time.

Emmett didn't know what to think.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oliver Irving. Picture post

Big Brother shirts. Gift from Oliver.
 So excited to see the new
"little guy"

All Three there to see :) Alestair was very worried he didn't like
the bed or my IV. 

I don't sleep in the hospital.
My friend Candace came to take these.
Anyone can visit while I am in there I
REALLY can't rest in there :).

He came with rolls!

So perfect!

Candace was AMAZING and brought
me chocolate and strawberries and friend ever!

Joel (Candace's little man) meeting Oliver.

Baby toes!

He didn't fit the newborn shoes.

Fingers and super long nails

Look at the rolls! Alestair and Emmett didn't ever get those
well not a whole lot.

Oliver Irving Butler-birth story. Pictures next post

As I said. I was going to take castor oil yesterday. I did it. About 3pm I took 2oz knowing that most say to take 4oz. So I wanted to see if it did anything before I took all 4. So I took it and then got cleaning and playing with my boys and such. The boys got to bed and Robert went to bed about 8pm. I took the last two oz not thinking the first two did much. Resumed cleaning. No I didn't have major yucky poos. As I had been in labor for a long while now this could only have helped me. Anyway I cleaned. I decided that since Wendy was coming I wanted it to be super obvious for her and not a "where the heck is this thing" kind of taking care of two boys moment. I even cleaned the laundry room sinks. They were sparkling. No I have no clue how I fit my fat belly and self back into that tiny corner but let me tell you they looked AWESOME! After I had cleaned and ate and drank (water) my self silly I decided to take a bath and read for a bit. You know since they say once you relax and all the contractions go away. Not really true for me but hey I was doing what they tell me to (minus the whole don't take castor oil deal..I can only break one rule at a time I suppose). So they didn't go away and actually got the tiniest bit worse in the bath. I did not get excited but decided to just wait it all out. So I went to bed and slept for like 2hours before I woke up and was like...ok these are worse so I guess lets go in again and try to get admitted. HA! Anyway I woke Robert up and we went (Lisa Fisher, bless her! came to watch the boys until Wendy could make it up) It was about 3am when we got to the hospital. They said I was only a 4 (STILL!!! WHAT THE HECK!) but I should walk around and see what happened. Yep heard that before but whatever I will do it I am already here. So we walked until I started seeing stars and slightly blacking out during contractions. This scared Robert who had to hold me up while I "walked" haha. We went back to triage where I think I asked for water but was mostly so in pain I asked when they could stab me in the back. I mean when I could please have an epidural. NO I will never have a natural birth...I never want to be in that kind of pain. She told me she would have to check me. I was finally a 5!!! So they kept me. TWO WEEKS of contractions for that! Three trips to triage, one for water breaking (it sealed again), one to get checked for contractions suggested by the midwife, and one for this finally at a 5! I swear it was like five hours of incredible pain but Robert tells me it was only 4:30 when they started rolling me upstairs. They had to get me hooked up to an IV and could only get a vein in my elbow along with 45min of walking. So really not very long. I swear it was forever though. We got up there and I wanted to pretty much kill everyone. I couldn't stand anyone's voice. Robert tried to really sweetly ask me to be a bit more polite and remember how nice I was while in labor with Alestair and Emmett. If I had anything to throw I probably would have chucked it him. I feel bad now. He was nice enough to hold me together though (even through my insane meanness). I asked for the "epidural man" a billion times a minute and reminded them that he should not be speaking in the hallways and was taking too long. He finally showed up. Robert says that it was just after 5 now. It took him a bit to get set up. Our hospital has been insanely busy in the having babies area so they were having to find things as they were just getting restocked. Robert left for this part. They don't let the dads in the room while the moms get stabbed with a huge needle. Strange, I know.  So anyway the epidural man told the nurse "I think I am going to do a spinal block for her she seems to be going very quickly". In my mind I said "You THINK??!!! I am probably a 7 now because I can kind of see the end of these stupid contractions Thank you!" But I held that in my head as I was trying to not move. He stabbed that in and wow I loved that spinal block! Then he did the epidural which takes a little longer to take effect. It was around 6am now. They got me into the correct bed and started taping my back up and all that and my midwife and Robert came in. Epidural man still hadn't left. I was going to have to sign papers but my midwife said she wanted to check me and break my water while the papers got finished and ready for my signing. Yeah well she checked me and my water broke on her (In my mind I thought "serves you right" I mentioned I was super mad right?) She said I was an 8...which means I was right when I said I was a 7 while getting poked in the back. She felt Oliver's position and said she thought he was about 7lbs. They told me that since my water broke I would probably be feeling the need to push soon and they were going to have me sign papers and then give me a catheter. Which didn't happen. I told them I wanted to push now. They didn't believe me and epidural man didn't want to be there for that. I think he said "I shouldn't be here!" It was after 6am now, shift change is 7am. My midwife checked me again not really believing me and said "wow yeah get ready!" I pushed. They told me to take breaks if I wanted and to breath and let go of your legs relax a bit but I told them no I know what I am doing (I was very mean and again very mad). So after 3 pushes "little" Oliver was born at 6:23am! His shoulders were nearly stuck. He was put into my arms right away and we could all see he was not 7lbs! He looked right at me and then tried to nurse. Robert called him Emmett right away. He looked just like Emmett! His face was bruised from the quick delivery-even the white of one of his eyes. Robert and I fully expected to have him at like 3pm but apparently our babies like the morning of things (7:56 Alestair, 4:03 Emmett, 6:23 Oliver). My midwife was impressed! I didn't need stitches and felt amazing! Seriously didn't feel like I had just had a baby. After weighing him we found out he was 9lb 4oz...yes BIG. Robert ran home to get the boys and Wendy around 7am. It was crazy. I barely had time to get settled in the room before having him. Alestair and Emmett were so excited to see him Alestair was also very worried about the tubes in my arm. Emmett was shaking with excitement.

Now go look at pictures thats what you want to see anyway.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Last day before Oliver came. FINALLY!

He picked up a crab after an entire day of
flipping rocks on the beach to find them.
I took the boys to Howarth Park today with a friend and her two boys. I have decided that if this baby isn't coming we will have the best few fun filled weeks until he finally does. We flipped rocks to find crabs and the boys shrieked with glee. It was so fun to see their joy! We picnicked there. It was a fun time. Two of the four boys dropped their pants to pee without any worry. It was hilarious.

 I have been having contractions every 5-8 min for about two weeks now. I am past the 37 week worry I am too early part and think this baby should just be here already. I have been into the midwives office a few times and they keep telling me they don't think I will make it to the weekend. They refuse to check me in and give me pitocin as I am not at 39 wks and it is against hospital policy. I am dilated to a 4/4.5 and have been for a week an half. I am exhausted  I have gone walking, cleaned my house (completely multiple times) and have hiked with a double jogging stroller. Pretty much I am sure that this boy won't come out and I will be in labor for the REST OF MY LIFE! Am I exaggerating? Maybe but I really don't feel like I am far off here.

So today this afternoon after one last day of only two kids and a huge beach adventure/hike I will be taking castor oil. Yep I am that desperate. No I am not going to tell my midwives. Not after the nurse to I had in triage asked if I "had done anything like sex to aggravate my body as you are obviously not ready and not even a 4 you are only a 2" Yep I was pissed and humiliated after that too. Drove home in tears by my self since I was pretty damn sure that they wouldn't take me but on my midwifes recommendation I walk for the day and then get checked I did it. Stupid I tell you STUPID! This nurse not only told me I couldn't listen to my own body and that I wasn't in pain but complained that she had back pain herself and needed some asprin. Yes that is right she COMPLAINED TO A LADY IN LABOR. Yes again STUPID! So needless to say I will not be going back to the hospital until this baby falls out of me. Or I make Robert so nervous I want to chuck him through a love. I did turn her into my midwife and the nurse at my appt today. We will see what happens. My midwife didn't like her either.

Robert and Mindy

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