Friday, June 24, 2011

Emmett was having a hard time sleeping laying down so we brought his car seat in to see if it would help him sleep upright. It didn't but the boys had fun with it. I put it onto their little wagon and strapped it down. Alestair pushed Emmett and then Emmett pushed Alestair. Emmett wouldn't sit in it happily without being buckled. Alestair tried to sit with him and watch a movie on his lap but Emmett wasn't having that.

 Alestair had to compare "tootsies". Emmett didn't think much of the idea.

Tie Dye Playdate

Emmett's shirt and the front of Alestair's underwear.
Back of underwear

Front of Maddy's shirt

Georgia invited us to Monroe to do some tie dye since we missed it on letter T day.
Back of Maddy's shirt
It started out looking pretty nice outside. I never trust the weather reports here so I didn't even see it. We grabbed Becky and Aubrey on our way up.

Alestair brought underwear (not potty trained yet but can stay dry for about 3hrs without an accident). I asked him what he wanted to tie dye..tshirt was a no, socks were a no. He asked to do underwear so we did. Maddy and Emmett did shirts. Maddy didn't want to tie dye so Alestair made her shirt for her. About the time that we finished with both shirts it started POURING. So we all went inside to eat lunch and let it finish. Poor Maddy got stuck in the play house and wouldn't come out in the rain. After lunch it didn't stop and we were needing to get home. So I ran out and finished the underwear. I was really excited until we got home and I pulled the bags out and saw a brown mess and the clothes sitting in it. So I pulled them out and let them sit over night. You are supposed to let them sit longer than that but I was freaking out that they would just turn really ugly. Maddy's shirt really worried me. I rinsed them with the rubber bands on till the water came clear then took them off. I then rinsed every 30min or so. Every time until the water came clear. After doing that for about 7hrs (not kidding!) I rinsed them 3 times in the washer and then washed them. The pictures are afterward. Maddy's shirt ended up looking really awesome. After I dried the clothes you could really see the different colors. Maddy's shirt had the most improvement after the dryer. It came out looking really cute. Hopefully the underwear will see lots of use soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reading to brother

I found the boys in the toy room and Alestair reading to Emmett. It was so sweet. He was being extra gentle and showing Emmett all the pictures and asking him questions.


Alestair dressed himself. He missed a leg hole though.


I really don't like my boys being sick but it happens. They are super snuggly when they are and they fall asleep anywhere which is almost a relief. Usually they will only sleep in their beds. This makes it hard to go on a trip or to the store if I must when Robert is not home. Anyway they crashed watching a movie on Alestair's cot.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dancing Boogaloos

Alestair talks a little bit in the first video. Other than that Emmett is playing with his ball popper and is really cute. He always dances when it gets turned on.

Monday, June 20, 2011

After Alestair tried to raid our tool chest for the millionth time Robert and I decided to give him his birthday present a little early. An entire set of tools just for him! He loved it (and still does). He took them everywhere with us and "plixes" everything. Its really nice to not have to worry about him getting into real tools and its super cute to watch him "working"

 Emmett is always trying to get some of the tools. Alestair shares but usually only the screwdrivers and maybe a hammer.
Plixing Koda

Ready to go with his tool bag!
Hmm...what to fix now?

Robert and Mindy

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